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Hello Can anyone help, I've got a NIke GPS watch , fine as it is but When running my MInutes per mile seem greater than it is, I used Endomondo this morning with the watch also, and Endo read 8.32 mpm while Nike read 9.07 mpm, does anyone have problems like this? Any advice? W thomas


  • Hi Wyn. I used Nike as well. I had a bit of trouble to begin with but when I calibrated it a couple of times via the Nike site it seemed fine. Nike are also very good at resolving problems when you contact them via email or twitter. Hope it helps

  • Hello fool runnings

    Thank you for your message , how did you Calibrated it? i had to rest the watch on Monday! I agree with you about Nike they've given me a further 7 days, and I can return the watch if I'm not happy. But don't really want to return.
  • There's a calibrate section on the tool bar that pops up when you connect to your pc. It's best if you run a route you know the exact length of then calibrate it to that when you go to sync. I found a bit of info about it on the Nike website. Good luck with it.
  • Nike may give you the opportunity to have it replaced. My watch broke and was just in warranty so they replaced it.


    It takes about 2 weeks but worth it.


    Good Luck

  • Fool Runnings - think you may be confusing the Nike Sportband (uses the foot sensor in the shoes) with the Nike Sportwatch (which uses GPS).

    Wyn Thomas - I have the GPS one and it seems pretty accurate to me. Only thing I can think is that it supports both GPS and the Footpod and in one of the menus you can switch each on/off. It could be that you have GPS switched off and the footpod switched on (in which case you would need to calibrate as Fool Runnings says).

    Only other thing I can think of is that when I connect to the PC it almost always downloads updates to the GPS settings. Maybe connect to the PC, see if it updates them and maybe this could solve it ?

  • Hi recovery runner. The nike sportswatch uses both gps and the foot pod. Hope this helps
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