5k Sub 22 and on!

Hello everyone, I am a male of 16 years old. Last year I ran a lot and my Personal Best was 21 45. I finished 5th place in my Highschools yearly 5k race and would like to beat the record of 19:15 by next october. This means I have about 10 moths to reach my goal. Realistic? I think so. As winter settled in I stopped running gradually and will be starting back up in a month or so when the snow has started to melt. Now I'll have to get back to my original pace which was around 22 minutes. I would be interested if anyone could give me tips or an actuall training program to achieve sub 22 and then sub 21 and ten sub 20 up until sub 19! Thanks for the information and help in advance!


  • in no particular order:

    contact your local athetics club / join them

    try speedwork drills (10 x 200m, 10 x 400m, 6 x 800m, 3 x 1600m, all with equivalent rests etc)

    do a couple of slow / steady runs each week too

    Bearing in mind your age, and assuming you have not yet stopped growing, I would be cautious about increasing mileage too much, hence getting advice from a local club that works with "children"

    Stick around the forum threads on RW as there are thousands of people willing to help!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tips, Sadly, in my area running isn't a popular sport hence no real information on the subject can be deilvered in depth. I've started Football once more aswell and was wondering if it could affect my runningcapability in some way?

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