Calf injury and swelling


Recently I have been getting really bad 'pump' in my calves even when running on flat roads and particularly up hills. My calf muscles become completely solid and the whole of my lower legs become swollen all the way down to the ankles, the swelling persists for a number of hours post run and appears to be due to fluid retention. This swelling dimples when you press it. I wonder if anyone has experienced this before or would be able to suggest ways of solving the issue? I have tried wearing compression calf guards while running but this didn't seem to help. I have disproportionatelydeveloped calf muscles(bigger than my lower thigh) and was wondering if this could be related/due to my running style, I run in neutral trainers on the fore foot. I normally run 30 - 40 miles a week but during the Christmas period I did a few slower runs with family which consequently took longer than they usually would, do you think that this could have contributed?

Any help would be hugely useful


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