Interval training - proper running?

So I started back running a few months ago and I'm really enjoying it. I get out 2-3 times a week and also mix it up with strength training at the gym. Because I was starting from scratch again I started of running 2 mins / walking 1 min over a mile or 2. I've built it up to running 4 mins & walking 1 min up over 5 miles. Whenever I try to run without stopping I struggle to get past about 2 miles. I find that by taking a minute to get my breath back that I can go further, faster and last longer. My question is: is this proper running? There seems to be a stigma about running where if you stop then it doesn't count. Personally I'm quite happy doing what I do, just wondered what everyone else's thoughts are?


  • It all counts. If youre struggling to gt past 5 miles then you are probably just running too fast. Slow down and you'll be able to go for longer.
  • If it's not walking, it has to be running IMHO!!!. Nothing wrong with walk breaks if they help you to do the distance. Cougie is right though, if you slow down a little you might need less of a walk break. At the end of the day you have made a lot of progress, so just keep at it, it's obviously working.

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