Snow shoes for running?

Any ideas how to get a pair of running snow shoes? I've a marathon over snow and ice in April and think snow shoes might be a good back up plan to spikes.

I can find suppliers in the US so I guess might need to get a shipment untried from there??


  • Maybe ask in the US forum ? They'll have more experience with snow than us ?
  • why not some Icebugs or similar?? - - they have carbide tipped steel studs that will give you nearly as good grips as spikes and are likely to be warmer than spikes.   

    I can see running snow shoes having a place in powder but is the race likley to be in those conditions??  what's the event??

  • Thanks - will check out. I do have a pair of shoes for winter cross country with spikes. I've another pair for fell running with some serious lugs. I need something for potentially mixed ice and soft snow though. The event is North Pole marathon. Not quite sure what to expect at moment?? 

  • from what I've seen of the NP marathon on TV - and a friend who's done it twice (and DNFd twice) - they prepare the track so you shouldn't need any more than a decent pair of lugged trail shoes.  spikes would be way too cold I would think as they are so thin.

    and given that you're unlikely to be going balls out due to the cold, many seem to shuffle it in winter walking boots.  the key is keeping yourself warm with decent kit, not minimising for grip.

    what have the organisers recommended?? they should be best placed to advise

  • these look good to me, i run in the regular trail version when im getting muddy and they are pretty good, well cushioned, strong and supportive, i saw these in the sports shoes catalogue the other day, worth reading a few reviews im sure.

  • Ooh. They look serious!

    Just found out that snow shoes are not recommended.
  • out of interest  - what do the organisers recommend??

  • personally i'd go for inov-8 orocs. Admittedly nowhere near the north pole but the last few bad winters we've had, i ran in mudclaws over snow and ice with no problem.

  • Have you looked at Kahtoola microspikes? They're what a lot of folk I know were recommending for running in during the recent Scottish snow & ice at the start of December. Thery're like mini crampons, you wear them over your normal shoes...

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