Bala 2013



  • Think I have only got 2 medals from all my tri's 

  • might have to rethink this tri marchley

  • Pretty daft reason for taking it up if all you want is medals... Try ebay much easier

  • nice to get something to display - rather than a towel or a t shirt or a bag etc.

  • Why ?   You know you've done the race, what more do you need ?

    Although this is one wall of our lounge


  • ha ha thats quality mate - i hope to have one frame for 2013 - hence i need to fill it up with some medals image

  • which ironman did you do?

  • That's IM UK, But also The Big Woody and The Outlaw....   There is a framing shop in Frodsham that knocks out the frames for us

  • Be great to see you again too Slim image You can regale us all with your Enduroman exploits!!! (or whatever the correct name for that awesome French tri is, lol!!)

  • Embrunman Lee Embrunman image

  • Ah yes, that sounds more like it.  I knew it started with an E! hehehe

  • Sorry to say but it looks like i am gonna pull from this, wil confirm tomorrow image

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    What!!!!... I was really looking forward to the reunion  image   

    Hope everything is ok.  Is your Bruv still doing it?

  • Sorry Slim bruvs pulled out for family stuff, moneys a bit tight at the mo so i will probably pull for the refund so we can race together later in the year, sorry to let you and the Pea down image

  • Soz Slim and Lee thats me officially out image

  • That is a real shame, but understandable.  Be good to see you at Outlaw instead though image

  • Will do image

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Never mind Max - see you later in the year hopefully image

  • I know most of you camp, but in case anybody needs B&B accommodation...

    Unfortunately, my partner's brother & his daughter are now unable to come & support me for the weekend, and I have reserved a room for 2 nights, (Fri & Sat), which I have paid for in full but can't get a refund unless it gets rebooked.

    The B&B is at Pen-Isar-Llan, and the room is a twin, (although me & my partner could swap from our double if you prefer). Price is £60 per night & they have availability for Fri, Sat & Sun nights...

    If interested, please contact Libby, (the owner), direct. Please let her know that I have referred you & let me know if you make a booking with her.

    Good luck with the last 10 days of training/tapering, Jane

  • Hi folks,  I'm afraid i've decided not to come up to Wales to support, as my back has been playing up a bit this week, and I don't want a couple of nights of camping to ruin it, as i've got to do an 18 miler on Sunday!  Sorry i'll not get to catch up Slim, hopefully i'll see you at some other event soon?  Looks like it would be a fab weekend for camping too.....

    Good luck to everyone doing the race, it is a fab course image

  • Is anybody still doing it?

    Except me....., I'll be there image

  • Hoping to, although I have a cough/cold from hell at the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed it has subsided by Sunday... As my favourite race I'd hate to miss it, but not sure swimming in that very cold water will be a good idea if I'm still poorly?

    The B&B room I mentioned above is still available. Any last minute takers??



  • Sorry Jane, kid's kill me if I told them we weren't camping, they can't wait.

    To them triathlon is just an excuse for camping trips!

  • Hi all - apparently Pen-Isar-Llan, (above), also has a a 4-5bed family room available this weekend if that helps anybody? The owner has agreed that letting that out would help me recoup some/all of my costs on the unfilled room...

    See you there & good luck everyone, Jane

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    I'll be there camping with family image   Love this race and the weather looks great!

    See you there  image

    Sorry I'll miss you's solid training all the way to Embrunman again now but hopefully there might be events/socials in the autumn where we'll meet.  image

  • See you there slimshady image

  • Yah sorry to miss you Slim.  All the best for Embrunman, can't wait to read the report from this one!!!

    best of luck to everyone racing on Sunday, enjoy!

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Well..a fantastic weekend in Bala with blue skies a blazing sun and a calm lake!

    Numbers were down on the past which is a shame however it didn't detract from the race which remains one of my favourites and I came plodding over the line in 5hrs 55mins which is about right for me at Bala.

    Great to see Rosey there and I met B'Burn plodder and Broke but Trying for the first time.  There couldn't have been more of a contrast from the weather in 2011 and it was so nice to laze in the sunshine at the campsite and then after the race.

    The heat did make it tough though but I'm not complaining ...happy days!!image

  • great to hear you had a great time sorry again to shoot through but Bruvs wife is in hospital from her operation so it wouldn't have felt right to be racing when that's going on

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Not a problem Max as family must always come first.  I'm sure we'll both end up at Bala again!  image

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