Training for events close to each other

Hello, I've just ran the Central Lancs Half Marathon using a 10 week training programme from this site, the 1:50 plus classic schedule. I'm now interested in running the Great North West Half Marathon in 7 weeks time but i'm not really sure how to go about a training plan.

I'm happy with the plan i've used so should it just be a case of using the last 7 weeks of that plan?

I'd also like to do the Liverpool Half in March which is about 3-4 weeks later. Any tips on a training plan for that with the short prep time?

Thank you in advance for any tips and advice. I'm just concerned about both over and under training!!!



  • I don't think the gaps are a problem at all, 3 weeks is ample recovery for a half, just look at your recovery from the first and make adjustments as and when you see fit.

  • I agree. Recovery from a half shouldn't take more than a few days so I would just continue to train virtually as normal inbetween, with maybe two or three days after the first taken off or training light. I did two half marathons on consecutive days last summer and it was fine, and i hadn't done any specific training for the fact they were so close together.

    As for GNW, I haven't seen the plan you refer to but I wouldn't go all the way back to week 3 if it were me as that presumably is designed to build you up from a lower level. Now you are up to speed with halves, if you want to improve, you need to keep up the intensity. Maybe use the tougher weeks from towards the end of the plan on a loop, or progress onto a harder plan designed for faster times?

  • Thanks for the advice. I've had a week off and now have 6 weeks until my next half marathon. I'm going to use the end of my last plan starting with an 8 mile long run tomorrow and gradually increasing it to 10 then to 12 as the schedule states. I'll try and tweak it here and there for the 4 weeks that lead up to the next. Maybe using the back end of a tougher plan.

    Feel bad for having a whole week off! I'm itching to get back out there.

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