minimal running

Morning Just thought id post my second week of training as a minimalist runner. To recap before xmas i decided to change from a traditional shoe to a minimal shoe. 1st week i didnt realise how much your lower leg muscles would be affected by running minimal, the change is massive. Advise is dont get carried away and run to much. keep to no more than three miles per run. So second week went like this.... i took three days rest from the last run. Then started with a three mile run on flat. And felt great. No aching calf muscles, no aching ankles. one day rest then i completed a four mile run. which again felt fine, i said to myself before this run, not to think about foot striking to much and run. i found the difference good, my form is ok, im midfoot striking, which is important. Third run of the week id decide to push to do a 10k. No pace recorded, just wanted to review my form when my legs become fatigued. Results were great had no issues and no aching muscles / injuries after two days. I also found walking in the minimus help get you use to how the shoe feels thinking of increasing mileage up 20 miles next week, anyone got any advise?


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