Half Marathon - Training break


I started running about 3 month ago, i've gone from couch up to 10k and am looking to push on to half a marahton.

I've booked (or at least registered) onto the GNR but i have noticed that I'm due to go on holiday 4 weeks earlier, returning 2 weeks before the race. We are going abroad and I will be unable to train. 

Given that this will be my first half marathon, am I best pulling out of the race or will I be ok with that break so close to the race?




  • As long as you have got the training in before holidays - and that includes some long runs up to about 10 miles you will be OK

    Whilst on holiday do as much walking as you can just to stay agile and toned

  • Why can't you run on holiday like most other runners?

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have you entered the ballot?  If you have, then there's no guarantee that you'll get a place, so there's no point planning around it at the moment.

    Assuming you're following a training plan and your main aim is to complete the distance rather than racing, you'd be fine.  Most plans would have reduced mileage for the last two weeks (i.e. the "taper), so you could start your plan two weeks early and then any runs during your holiday are a bonus.  On your return from holiday you'd have the two-week taper which would give you a chance to get back into practice for the event.  Its far from ideal, but is perfectly do-able for a mid-pack runner.  

  • Personally I'd still do it. Train hard up until your holiday and then you'll be glad of a break.  To pull out now just seems defeatist. 

  • Lardarse wrote (see)

    Why can't you run on holiday like most other runners?

    Going on holiday shouldn't mean you can't train if you want to.  If it's hot, just go our early in the morning.



  • Most people doing the GNR are in the same position and it's just a question of adjusting your training plan. What you should not do is come back from holiday and do a 13 miler two weeks before, as a newby that is not enough recovery time.

    Also consider if you do not get a place in the ballot try the local charities - St Oswalds, Percy Hedley, grace House. All you need to do is raise a certain amount in sponsorship, Percy Hedley was £250 last yea, the bonus is they all provide free refreshments in the charity village afterwards and great support on route.

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