Sport Therapy ? Left knee pain

Anyone been to see a sport injury massage therapist?, is this an option for running injury? or should it be docs and pysio? The reason is docs/physio is months of waiting for referral (as I am not dying) so I want to hurry things along hence private visit to sports injury therapist.

My left knee had been giving me various problems. First it felt like a ligament on the iinner side at the top of my calf. I could still run through this, but later on in the evening when in bed it actually was painful to bend my leg,  the pain was around the same area. i sort of got over this by doing hamstring stretches. (The pain went away after a couple of weeks) But now I have a pain in the knee itself at the front , which caused me to stop running. It is fine when walking but after about 1mile of running it returns? I wonder if  I have over straightend my knee to much when stretching hamstrings.

I run 3 times a week 4mile a sessions plus occasionly a 4th longer run at weekend .Been running for years. 44year old 13stone.



  • Hi, I've been having a similar problem in the same knee, i see a sports massage therapist and he tells me it's a tight IT band that runs from you hip into the side of the knee and its rubbing on the bone. I've not run for about 3 weeks due to this and other commitments, but been out this morning and after a mile it started again. He told me if it does start to stop running straight away as it won't get any better carrying on. I have a roller that I use to roll out the legs, and stretches to do. It's just a guess but maybe you have the same injury and would advise seeing a therapist for it!! Hope this kind of helps. I've come on to see if anyone can give me some more advise on how to tackle the problem, without having to keep paying out for a therapist!! Any advise would also be appreciated. .
  • I went along and had the deep massage, it seemed to help.

    He found what was perhaps adding to the problem-- tight calf and hamstrings but also a lump/scar tissue on one of the ligaments. I remember this going about 6months ago but it did not feel to serious so I kept on running!

    I have done a few things over the last few weeks and it is much better.

    1. Sport massage

    2. Wear a Scholl pro sport elasticated knee support time to time

    3. Do the NHS recommended knee exercises for runners

    4. Rub in lloyds cream

    I need to get back to running soon as I have half marathon in 7weeks/

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