Footbalance Insoles

I have one foot that slightly over pronates and one that supinates and am cyrrently wearing some ASICS Nimbus.

Visted Sweatshop yesterday and they were giving me a gentle nudge towards their Footbalance insoles.

Had a quick google around and there doesn't seem to be much feedback on them.

What are people's experience of them?

Are they worth the money or would I be better getting some proper custum orthotics from a podiatrist?

(I'm crrently using some semi-custom orthotics provided by the NHS, which are OK for running in, but uncomfortable for general wearing in any shoes that have a proper heel (like my work shoes!).)

Many thanks for your assistance.


  • Suffering from too much detail in the post, I suspect.

    Let's keep it simple.

    Has anybody any experience of the Swetashop Footbalance insoles - good or bad?

  • I have custom made orthotics in my running shoes( made by an NHS podiatrist)

    I wear sweatshops footbalance insoles in a pair of boots that I wear alot for everyday walking. When they were first made- I have to say that they felt q supportive and did correct my overpronation to a degree;but not as good as the custom made orthotics.

    I haven't used them for running in I suppose I'm not much help!! Sorry......


  • Sounds like you might be better off with a pair of neutral shoes. your Nimbus may be helping out your pronating foot but it'll be exaggerating the supination of the other foot.

  • Nimbus are neutral shoes.image

  • No they arn't Nimbus are for neutral to over pronators. hat means they have a slight correction but not one that would throw off a neutral gait....will will throw of asupinator though.

    If you are mixed then you need a pure natural shoe like a Saucony triumph, Kinvara. 

  • The page on your link says under pronation (supination?) and neutral. My undestanding was that they tried to provide control for both light supinators and pronators as well as neutral runners.

    The US site seems to support this:

    Ths is slightly off topic anyway, as the calf injuries I have suffered have tended to be on my slightly overpronating foot, where I suspect I lose form as I get tired.

    I'm recognising that I need some form of additional support at the moment and was really trying to get a feel for whether I was better persevering my NHS orthotices which were prescribed after a quick 30 minute wham-bam analysis session, without any post prescription review or whether the Footbalance insoles might be a sensible option.

    I'll certainly consider Saucony's when I replace the Nimbus, as they seem to fit my feet slightly better.  The Nimbus should be good for a while yet.


  • Sorry, can't help with your original request. I hope you get it sorted.
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