Getting a personalised t-shirt for VLM 2013

Hi guys, I'm running this years VLM and want to get a tech T printed up. I got in on the ballot, but have decided to run for a small charity whose budgets don't really stretch to race quality t-shirts. They did send me a cotton traders one bless 'em! Does anybody have any experience of getting a personalised race T printed. I only need one. Can find lots of companies in the U.S but the shipping charges are ridiculous. Any help appreciated Ta Steve


  • Search for your local screen printers and give them a call?  Some of them will do tech t-shirts, and if they don't they could probably recommend someone who does.

  • Do you need the teeshirt ? I doubt anyone will see it and donate to that charity over the 100s that are there.  When I've run for charity in the past I just wear a tee that I'm comfortable with.  If the charity want publicity they'd surely organise teeshirts ? You may be better off saving your money and donating that to them ?

  • Oooh now there is food for thought. Do I really need the t-shirt? Do I want people to know why I'm running? Yes. Do I want people to ask me about my charity and what they do? Yes. But on the other hand, ??30 for something that I'll most likely only wear once, when I could just give the cash directly to the charity. Cougie, you little stirrer you!
  • SJ, as you run by - in amongst all the thousands of other runners - no-one will be reading what's on your t-shirt.  They won't be able to see it, even, amongst all the other people.  Have you seen how crowded the course gets?

    I am a cynical old bag, but I'd also bet that no-one will ask you about your charity, either (when?  at the start? at the finish? as you whizz along?).

    Give the cash to the charity

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I was going to suggest that the t-shirt might look nice in the photos, but the photos will cost more than the t-shirt!

    Do it topless with the name of the charity written on your chest in tar!

  • I'm really not stirring - its just that every other person has a charity top on - so i can't see that anyone will ask/donate. If you're aiming for visibility to runners - put the details on the back.  You get to stare at backs for hooooours and hoooours when running. 

    Whats that charity with the bat logo - i keep meaning to look that up (10 VLMs later I've still not remembered the name !?)

  • Cut up the cotton t shirt and sew the bit you want seen onto a technical t shirt that you know fits well and doesnot rub.

  • Hmm okay, devil's advocate a) Wear the t-shirt on your training runs, any other race and even down t'pub as people will talk to you about what you are doing so could helpo with the fundraising. Important thing to get on your shirt for the day is YOUR NAME. Lifts morale, even when people who don't know you call  out your name, in my experience anyway...hope that helps

  • You should be wearing any t-shirt you're going to do a marathon in on your training runs anyway.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Wear your own one for the race and then put the charity on on when you finish. When you are wearing that and the medal people are more likely to stop and have a chat about it rather than during the race.
  • Some really sage advice guys. Thanks. Bang goes t-shirt idea. Wear cotton one on running club nights,pub nights, and after the race. Extra 30 squid to my charity. Simples.
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