Fred Whitton challenge

Anyone entering this year ?   



  • Not the actual challenge but I am tempted to tackle the year round one at some point.
  • Yea I'm quite tempted to do it one Saturday and take the timing option.
  • I've entered the actual thing - well the draw to get in anyway - been about 6-7 years since I did it.

  • I have a bit of gardening leave coming up, so the "Four Seasons" challenge (the one where they lend you a timing card) looks spot-on as a way of avoiding decorating the spare rooms. Will use it as part of a 2-3 day tour later this month or into Feb if the weather's half decent. Anyway - I've registered for it.

    And there was me feeling all smug last night to have taken the lightweight wheels and climbing cassette off my bike imageimage.

  • Did this route the other year and a great route, heard its even tougher on the actual day down to the volume of cyclists weaving!!

    Won't be doing the actual day but hopefully i'm planning on going up at the end of March or in May for a family trip and this will be on my 'ToDo' list whilst i'm there. Will probably cycle up to the lakes too and get the Mrs to drive up the car with the dogs and the new born, she'll love that!!!

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