Winter Clothes


I only started running this summer and now enjoy my daily run round the block in my shorts & t-shirt.

But "winter draws on" and I was wondering what to wear during the colder months - something easy to was and hopefully iron free -- any ideas???



  • Last winter I bought myself a pair of running tights (nice Ron Hill ones with a fluo stripe down the side) and a thin fleece by Viewfrom. And a fluo woolly hat. I may look like a Belisha Beacon but at least I won't get run over!

    None of the above needs ironing and even if it did, I wouldn't bother. It's dark!
  • A pair of old socks make good mittens and can be dropped in the nearest waste bin if one gets warm enough. Personally I prefer tracksters to tights, but this is simply a matter of taste.
    PS What is 'ironing'?
  • I've already bought my winter kit - leggings/tracksuit bottoms with rainproof over-trousers, long sleeve sports tops with a rain-proof training jacket over the top, which has a hood - God I'm gonna be boiling aren't I..!!! I'm with Wurzel & Trickle on the ironing business too!
    Michelle x
  • Thanks Everyone -- Ron Hill's tracksters it is, along with a nice warm wicking fleece - I will give the hat and old socks a miss if you dont mind!
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