itbs nightmare

Hi this is my first post, have had  a dad case of itbs for two months, tried everthing and last resort is a online tutorial from Paul Ingraham, has anyone read it as I have spent a load of money so far and dont want to pay 19 dollars unless it is worthwhile! Supposesd to be starting my london marathon training and I am starting to realy panic.




  • Hi Louise, when you say you have tried everything, have you had it assessed by a sports physio, and did you get a rehab program? Without knowing the cause can delay your return to any conistent running. I sympathise as its really frustrating

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    See a specialist In person and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Hi thanks for replying, yes I have been going to a phsyio and getting ultra sound, tape, some pilates excercises and a slendertone machine thing. The physio has told me to rest and do the excercises to build up the hip and glutes. I have been reading about the Paul Ingraham tutorials online but I am reluctant to pay to get the full tutorial as I have thrown so much money already at this and it feels a bit desperate. What I can gain from some articles of his is that its not actually the it band but some tissue underneath it, there is no explanation of what to d,o but I suppose thats why you need to pay the 19 dollars!

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    How are you getting on with the exercises that were prescribed?

    Did he mention the use of a foam roller as tho has helped me on the past?
  • Foam roller seconded!

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    Grid foam roller

  • Yes I have been doing the excercises religiously and I have been foam rollering too! I will persist. I got the injury on the 2nd november, it was a 16 mile race and the pain started around the 13 mile mark. The pain was really bad walking down hill and down stairs, then after a few weeks it seemed a good bit better. It comes back after about 25 mins running and I am back to having pain again. Has anyone used voltarol or the like for IT pain?

  • Last time I had ITBS I tried voltorol and the likes. Didn't seem to have much effect. Also tried various straps. Last time, while going through the rehab exercises, I started back running using a Mueller Max stap and was able to get through my 30ish minute barrier when the pain usually started. I've dropped the strap now, but try to keep up with the strength exercises for glutes/tfl once or twice a week, otherwise I know it will be back.
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    Louise, different things work for different people but I'm finding that these exercises are working wonders for my tight IT band. Good luck!
  • Dear Mr F - I have been suffering since end of October with ITBS knee pain - been to physio and been given one main exercise to strengthen my hips which has been working and am now able to run 5 miles four times a week without any real pain (but followed by 15 mins of foam rolling twice a day plus the exercises twice a day).

    Interestingly the one problem area I still have is that I have a desk job and my knee still hurts when I get up after sitting for an hour or so - this article explain why.

    The exercise is working slowly I think but I have been wondering what else I could do and this article provides me with the extra ammunition that will hopefully blast my ITB problem away. Thanks!

  • I nearly gave up running a couple of years ago due to ITBS. I tried everything rollers, exercises, tennis balls, acupuncture, massage, physio and just about everything else.

    There is little doubt that ITBS stems from problems with the hip and glutes. (In my untrained opinion anyway). Having spent an evening researching the condition again i read an article stating the benefits of wearing compression shorts/tights for ITBS. I bought a pair and wore them for all my runs and within two weeks my pain stopped. In the last two years i have had it once and that was during a 50 mile race where i had decided to wear a cheapo pair of compression shorts to save a few quid instead of my usual Skins. I don't know how or why this worked for me but it did and i wear them all the time now.

    No science to back it up just personal experience.

  • Hi Dill - thanks for post - just had a look at compression shorts - differnece in prices is massive - what do you have to pay to get something that actually provides the benefits?

    Thanks, Skinny

  • picked up my ITBS injury 1st December. Rest worked well and so far glute strengthening, new trainers and cycling are doing wonders for it. had it stretched last night and it feels great. I found the creams done nothing for it.

    Hope you get yours sorted soon.


  • I am recovering from a hamstring injury from the autumn, and as I started running again my ITB has been playing up.  My physio also recommended compression shorts.  She said get any old pair and wear them to bed.  I have found that this has really helped both injuries.  I also invested in a pair of 2XU compression tights for running in, and they have made a big difference. I have eased off wearing the shorts to bed every night, but often pop them on when my legs are feeling the need of a little extra support, in fact I am wearing them now under my dress at work ! 

    Good luck to anyone with this frustrating injury.


  • H - phwoooaaaaarrrrr!!! imageimage

    I always get a bit depressed when my wife wears her knickers under her nightie - no sex for me tonight then - but if you have a husband he must really know his luck's out when you arrive in bed wearing compression shorts!

    Mind you if I get some (compression shorts) then next time my wife is coming to bed with her knickers on I might just get up and put the compression shorts on!

  • Two words - Foam Roller...... I feel your pain Louise I suffered with some ITBand issues last year training for half marathons... Unfortunately I'm currently suffering from a pulled lower back muscle so my Edinburgh marathon training for this year has yet to really kick in... There's nothing worse than looking out that window and thinking about all your new Christmas running gear and being unable to use it..... Patience is not my virtue !!!!!!!!! Anyone got any suggestions on how I start recovery, swimming ? Cycling ?
  • Hi Skinny

    I have tried several different types but Skins A400 half tights seem to be perfect. Expensive but perfect for the job.

    Also  Crivit compression shorts work fine if you can find them. Cheap as chips.

    On the flip side i found some cheap so called compression shorts on Amazon which were just lycra type shorts. I wore them at last years Thames trot and ended up with terrible ITBS.

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    I have a few pairs of Nike ones from sports direct. They do them in 2 lengths and the longer ones go right down to the top of the kneecap and seem to work a little better. The quality can be a bit hit or miss tough. Have worn 1 pair for rugby and have got about 4 seasons out of them although another pair fell apart after about 10 long runs.
  • Interesting reading all the comments above. I've been suffering with my itb clicking over the epicondyle area for a while, but don't tend to get any pain, just the band clicking. I had a full gait analysis which highlighted over pronation at the forefoot and weak glute medials. I've always known for over 20 yrs that I overpronate and I've always worn motion control shoes..last few years I've stuck with mizuno wave renegade, but they are hard to come by as they stopped making the renegade, so actually when my itb problem started I was running in the wave Alchemy which feel softer, so maybe that contributed to the problem?? Never had a problem with my itb until last year when I trained for my first half marathon. Before that I was only running for around 30 mins. Anyway, I know I need to strengthen my glute medials and hips, which I've started doing and I use a foam roller every day. I'm actually on my second foam roller (66fit) as I'm finding they go out of shape quickly. I weigh 14 stone so maybe I need a firmer roller?

    Does anyone know how to stop the band clicking, or should the strengthening and stretching sort that? I realize there will be adhesions there which need to be broken up.

    After the gait analysis, my physio said I could pay ??150 for a full biomechanical assessment, but I'm skint after xmas, plus I want to see if the hip and glute strengthening helps. Also, if I'm over pronating at the forefoot stage, surely I would have known about it years ago?
  • I sympathise with anyone who has had ITBS. I got it after running my first half marathon at the end of Sept 2012 and have only just got back to 'proper' running.

    The amount of information and advice varies massively and different things work for different people.  Glute and hip flexor strengthening worked for me, along with regular foam rolling (can be very painful at first!!) and buying quality running shoes.

    Patience is the key though and if you try running and the IT band feels tight and/or sore, stop!!!

  • Foam roller is great for ITBS, use youtube to see how to do the exercises and stretch it also.

    this one really worked for me, at 3:30 into the vid, just sit there for 5mins works well.


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