Rat Race Dirty Weekend

Me and a friend are going to sign up to this event on 11 May 2013, at Burghley House. Its a 20 mile obstacle course (supposedly on a par with tough mudder). Is anyone doing this or ever done anything similar?


  • Hi, 

    I'm going, looks like it'll be good!

  • Doing this with a team of ten..3 not run before...5 done tough mudder and 2 half marathon and 10k runners...cant wait...oh and ages range from 30 to 59 (me)


  • I'm doing it. Trying to figure out what footwear would be best. Any suggestions?

  • The website suggests good off road trainers, that's probably be what I'll go for. image


  • Im doing it in my running shoes...did Stockton on Tees Water rat race thingy in them and it was fine..not buying special shoes just to get them wet/muddy etc

  • Looking at the route, I think the off-road shoes will be best. I figure the 20 miles will be challenging enough without needing to worry about my shoes!

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