Half Marathons in March



I've managed to get a late entry into the London Marathon, confrimed today.  I want to do a half marathon in March, however my preferred choices of Reading, Fleet and Silverstone are all booked.  Can anyone recommend any half marathons in March/ early April in South ?





  • I'll let those from 'the south' answer your direct question... but you might consider the following...

    Newport half is supposed to be a nice flat course... same day as Silverstone... and depending where you are, might be just as easy to get to!  


    Forest of Dean trail half marathon is on 27th.   Good if you fancy something with a hill in it.  If I remember right, it has about 700 foot climb.



  • Not done it before but this year I'm doing the Colchester half marathon- 17 march might be a bit late for VLM plan? Otherwise the Dorney race your pace is still advertising so I assume still has places, though it may be a bit early.

    Why not use the runners world events finder- pick ur distance and the month of march and you're sure to get plenty of choices...
  • I too wanted to do Silverstone but as fully booked have gone for Milton Keynes on 10th March - quite a flat course apparently.

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