Strictly come running

I am suprised televison companies have not come up with a running club format for a reality TV programme. We could follow celebs as they train for a race.

Minimum requirements for these celeb club runners would be:-

One who has worn the same gear, usually unwashed, ever since they started.

One who has new gear every week.

Someone who always needs to borrow something, usually shower gel.

The unashamed farter.

The glamour girl who always looks immaculate even during a hilll session.

The always injured and always want to let you know.






  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I think it would be a hit!
  • They followed an overweight comedian called Eddie Izzard as he covered 26 miles every day on a full tour around Britain.

    By the end of it he was thinner and fitter, and was able to run the whole 26 within a decent time frame. Respect to the guy. He got the bug and has been seen in the London Marathon since.

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