hi and shoes


i'm new to the site as i want to start running so this seemed like a good place to start with my question, since i have never been for a run before i would like to know what i should be looking for in shoes, i read the guide and i have no idea what my feet do when im running as ive never run image


so help please


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Go to your local specialist running shop and they should be able to advise. It's hard to give any sort of advice without seeing how you run.
  • Definately go to your local running shop. You will be able to see exactly what your feet are doing on the video they take. Proper running shoes are not cheap but they are designed for do the job right. Don't scrimp and buy a pair of generic trainers. Good luck!!!

  • Sweatshop do a exchange, so if the first pair you buy you don't get on with you can take them back and swap for another pair, i did and it saved me ??90 as the first pair hurt my knees
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