Builders and contractors

** Rant Alert **

Why … do builders and contractors agree to come round and then not?  Genuine question, I would love to know. 

I need drainage sorted (really quite urgently in the garden) and so far had a surveyor, builder, insurance man and today a drainage contractor say they’re going to come round AND THEN NOT FECKING SHOW UP!!   Why??????  Not even a courtesy call to say they’re feckwits and can’t make it. image


  • You're asking the wrong builders then probly. image

    My hubby is a builder and will always get in touch with his customers if he is going to be delayed or has to change plans. Maybe he is in the minority?

    mind you, very puzzled over the insurance man, and the surveyor?


  • My OH is a heating and ventilation engineer and wouldn't dream of leaving a customer in the lurch.

  • Im a spark.

    If l was self employed then my first priority is the person who's paying my wages. I.e the likes of yourself.

    Keeping you happy, informed and calm is the only way to ensure im going to be paid for the work l carry out.

    Any contractor who doesn't do that doesn't deserve the work. Ring around for another contractor is my advice.

  • Last springtime I asked for three quotes for a replacement wooden fence. The first was £1700 (incl VAT) and the second was £700 (incl VAT) and we took that. An excellent fence and what a difference in price. 

    Three weeks after the new fence was erected we got a 'phonecall about the third quote "When would it be convenient to visit and provide a quote!?" image No wonder companies fail.

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