Day one of running

I have just started the 8 week programme today very sore and feeling v.tired havent run for ages and not a runner, but gonna still keep going. Is it normal to feel this sore???


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    Hi Claire.  When you say you're sore, what's hurting and how much?

    How far did you run today...and how fast?  It's really easy to get carried away at the beginning and run to fast or too far.  Your body will take a while to get used to running...when I started my running pace wasn't much faster than my brisk walking pace (some might say that hasn't changed much but that's another story!)

    Good for you for getting started...!

  • thanks for replying yeah im on day one of the 8 week programme run 1 min walk 90secs for 8 times, Im sooooo unfit but need to keep going and need some support so thanks for this. I need to keep this up as I want to loose some weight and get fit for free. Am running on a farm track so at least no one will see me!!! ha ha. But yes at least im starting just need to keep it up.


    Good for you I would love to be able to run well, im kina jogging ish at the mo hey ho

  • Well done for starting. It does get easier, and you'll soon be loving it.

    It's normal for you to feel a bit stiff and slightly achy afterwards, but you shouldn't actually feel pain. If something feels sore rather than just uncomfortable you need to rest it.

    Don't go too fast - make sure you can still talk when you are running. If you go too fast you are more likely to damage yourself.

    Stretching afterwards, and on rest days, also helps.

    Keep at it!


  • my advice would be to repeat week one of the programme for 2-3 weeks and then start the programme properly. It will give you a base to start from.

  • Thank you for the advice yep sore musels I think I will definitly keep going im running tom for the same period so see how it goes will I need bacially slow up then? wish me luck let you know how I go!!!

  • I've got back into running more times than I've had hot dinners and at my weight that's A LOT of hot dinners!

    I started on a walk run plan and have found that having the end goal in sight was a real motivation.

    I've also joined the gym so I'm hitting the cross trainer and bike plus a few light reps on the weights several times a week and i already feel better for it both in everyday life and my running.

    I went out with my brother over christmas and managed about 6k in total on an undulating muddy path. (I did walk on the hills). I'll be continuing with the gym to help lower my weigh to stop me pounding my shins and ankles.

    Don't be afraid to repeat a week if you say miss a couple of runs and don't beat yourself up if you really don't feel like going. If this happens and it's just a can't be *rsed feeling maybe just go out for may feel once out you want to continue or if not you can pat yourself on the back for actually doing something. Remember 10 mins one night is 10 more mins than if you had not gone!

  • Keep going, i stated last feb using a couch to 10k app and it worked, really hard to start with but keep going, now im running about 15 miles a week and my new years resolution is to run a 10k every month
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    The important thing is to repeat the training you have just done until it doesn't result in soreness.

    In the very early days you may have to rest up for several days after each run just to ensure you are in good enough shape to train effectively.

    No use training on sore muscles. They won't be beaten fit, no matter how determined you are.

  • Hi All,

    Soreness according to one trainer for the Manchester Marathon (im doing it) says soreness for certain parts of the leg is normal. One runner on another thread used ice and heat to ease the soreness (i can't remember exactly what they did). But worth looking up.

    Another point even if you are only doing 10 minutes running, stretching is so important. Look up on internet for stretching exercises.

    But I have to  admit I have been doing between 3 and 5 miles four days a week. Without stretching. I increased it upto 6 miles today, wthout stretching and ould feel the cavels pulling.

    Try not to worry too much about times, depending on your goals, they improve with distance and proper bretahing while training. Breathing while running is a skill on its own, and may take some time to develop.

    Good luck, and never give up, take time out if needed, but the longer you keep at it, the better you will feel as yourself.


  • Well done for getting out there! My start a few years ago wasn't much fun but was well worth it now.

    Maybe it's worth soaking in a nice hot bath after your run? Whenever I go out for a long one, I warm up my legs in the bath (after a good stretching session) and then maybe even rub some nice cream on them (I don't live in the UK but there must be a great sports cream you could massage into beaten legs? - someoe here will have a suggestion)

    Keep it up! The start is always hard but suddenly it gets easier and you will be having fun! Keep on running into spring... that's the best time to be out if you ask me... from there on it's smooth going! Good luck! 

  • Thanks. Yep 1st week completed and as Friday came I felt my musels handle it loads better feel loads better and could hold a conversation when running the minute in between walking and have lost 2lbs nice one!!!

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