Richmond half marathon 2013

I missed the entry for this event, if anyone has a space please contact me.


  • Hello I am also looking for a place for the may 5th half so second free space please get in touch!

  • I haven't got one to offer, but I've just got an email just now advertising another Richmond half - marathon - on Easter Sunday. It's got different course but also flat. I have got a place in Ranelagh Harriers one, but am pondering signing up for this one too

  • Hi I am looking for a couple of spare places for this marathon so if any come up please message me



  • Hi,

    I also missed the cut off for this run and would like to add my name to the wait list.



  • Hi,

    I too missed the cut off and would be interested in taking an unwanted place.



  • Hi there, I also would like to run the Ranelagh Harriers half marathon on May 5 and I am obviously willing to pay the £5 admin fees plus the original entry fees. Please feel free to email me on if you have a spare place... Cheers, M

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