2013 I will get a sub 4

Ok, 2 marathons last year , trained like mad , no sub 4 . Instead 428 and 421. So this year I am going to push myself until I can get my sub 4 . Anyone want to join me?


  • I'm in - at the moment just Berlin entered in Sept.  Managed a 4:18 last year off a 1:46 HM.  Just need to get more miles in!

  • I'm in kinda the same boat. 1:46 for a half marathon two years ago, but didn't get enough endurance training and finished with a 4:09 for the marathon. 

    I'm using the Furman FIRST program, so this year there's going to be five runs of 20 miles or greater.


  • Hadd base training for 3 months up to 50 mpw, then probably P&D 55 mile plan is the thinking at the moment - good luck all!

  • I'll be gunning for sub-4   - I didn't miss it by much at the first attempt.  But will probably only do one full marathon - in the autumn.  I'm yet to do my first half but hope to achieve sub 1-50.

    Do some Hadd(ish) training interspersed with a few halves and shorter races.  But I doubt I'll even peak above 35 miles in any one week. And to be honest,will probably be averaging in the upper teens for most of the year.... so that is a pretty major weak-spot  for my chances!

    Good luck all.

  • My wife'll join you, she did 4:12 in London, then 4:00:38 in the Kent Coastal Marathon & was gutted! She wants to do 2 this year to try to get under 4 hours but missed out on a London spot.

  • I'm in.

    Going for sub 4 in London & Berlin this year.

    Best so far is 4:42 and struggled from 18 onwards in the 2 marathons I've done, training didn't go right for either. Have done a 1:49 half so If I can get the training right then I know it's doable.

  • I did 3:55.04 at luton 7 weeks ago off a 1:53 half, I reckon you can all do sub 4! Those with 1:46 half should be more 3:40 for the marathon...

  • First marathon is London. Aiming for an optimisic 4hr with just one HM of 1:55 done. Given my relative inexperience I wont be killing myself if I dont get the 4hr, feel I should be grateful to just complete a marathon.

    Have designed myself a training program doing (when all goes well!) 1 hill run, 1 threshold run, 1 or 2 medium distance runs and 1 long (slow) run a week. Have done one 20mile run so far and so should be able to do quite a few 20miles+. peak around 35miles a week atm but will increase to about 45 over the coming weeks. Also try to do a little conditioning 3 times a week and usually fit in one cross training.

    Any comments on above pls? Particularly my program. And best of luck to everyone.

  • Hello fellow four hour hunters. I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for even attempting this.

    Vicky- the one thing I have learnt from the last 2 marathons is to make the mid week long run a good size so if your long run is 20 make the mid week a marathon pace 10.It really seemed to help me mentally.

    KingKenny-snap on the half times. I did 1.48 in october but like you,crumbled in the last few miles of the big one.

    So apart from Daeve who has said Berlin, which one are we aiming for. Mine is Milton Keynes on the 6th May.

  • London for me. Feeling very disheartened today though as have a gluteal strain injury (mentioned in H+I forum). Very glad I started training so early so i can afford to take a little time out if needed.

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭
    A good sub 4 is my target at Manchester, did 4.18 at Chester on 6 mths training after a year out injured. Training was going well, up to 16 miles long run, comfortably at 8.40/mile, mid December I injured my back and then got flu. Four weeks off and first long run today, 13 miles, slightly hard work, hoping it's the virus hanging around.
  • I'm doing my first marathon this year - think for the first one it's best not to really aim for a time, but then aim for one properly for the next one? (yes, already thinking of the next one!). Sub 4 should be achievable, but I think the first one I'll aim for sub 4.15. Does this sound a good idea!? Don't want to finish and be annoyed with my time!

  • I managed to be DNS in all my 3 marathon attempts last year so am desperate to finish one. I'm going to do the South Downs way in summer and know sub 4 is out of the question there and then find a flatter and faster one in the autumn. PB's of sub 21 minute 5km and a half of 1hr 49 (off road) suggests sub 4 is an achievable goal

  • GraemeK - I'm no expert but Surely training way too fast at 8.40/miles on your LSR's?, that's 20-25secs faster than 4hr Marathon pace.

    Doing Barcelona in March but using that as a training run for a sub4 attempt in London. Will be hard not to go for it in Barcelona!


  • King- try and go easy in Barcelona . I did a really fast 21 three weeks before my last Mara and it just took it out of me .

    2 wheels I reckon that this is your year. What made you DNf your last attempts ?

    Run with the wind - a time in mind for your first is a good plan but how will you feel if you don't manage sub 4 ?

    Graeme's - r u sure you shouldn't be on a sub 330 thread with those great times .

    Tomorrow will be my longest run since my last Mara 3.5 weeks ago . I had to have 2 weeks off due to a dodge hamstring so starting back gently , want to see what happens if I try 13 tomorrow .
  • Moresnail....well this is why I'm telling myself to focus on a time for my second one....don't want to finish and be annoyed with myself. Feel it's do-able, but think I need that experience first!


  • Last marathon was London in 2001, did 3:43. 12 years older and started running again in the last 12 months. I've entered the Yorkshire marathon in October.

    Is sub 4 achievable given time span since last one?

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭
    To be fair Kenny I was having dreams of getting back to pre-injury fitness and close to 3h30-3h40, four or five weeks off and I'll settle for a sub 4 now.
  • Agh , hamstring still really painful . Sports physio tomorrow , I think she will tell me to take time off . Fingers crossed .
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