Personal Trainer?

Hey guys, I have been running for a year or so now. My goal is to get to sub 19 for a 5k run in a little less then a year. My PB is 21:55. My last years running was mostly a 5k all out over and over again until my time went up. I did see some improvement yet I beleive that with an actual training schedual which would work on different areas (such as speed endurance) would benefiet me a lot more. Sadly I have no actuall experience as to what to do in order to actually get to my goal of sub 19 and this is why I thought of looking for a personal trainer. I've seen some people on these forums coach others and I was wondering if anyone was interested on making me their personal project. I'd just need perhaps a schedual to follow weekly and each day or week I would report back with my stats on the run and thoughts etc. Or maybe just someone who's trying to achieve a similar goal as I am so we could exchange results and thoughts. A training buddy of some kind?

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