Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Welcome to all newcomers, plenty of good running, PB's and hols on the forum, good luck Lily in Leeds.

    Hi all, I'm back from two weeks hols in the Adriatic & Aegean Seas, it was great been to some great places Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens my favourite was Koper in Montenegro.

    But two weeks on a cruise ship all inclusive with the drinks package means the waist line and liver have taken a good battering, it had to be done.

    I did manage a good bit of running, it's possible on a ship, it was 4 laps of the deck for 1 mile, so both weeks I managed 20 miles plus, with a 52 min10k and 1.07 8 miles, felt good with a bit left in the tank.

    There was a gym with a treadmill that seemed well used as I passed by, don't like treadmills, I much preferred running around the deck as we approached our port for the day, I was running as we passed St Marks Square in Venice. Yes of the 800 passengers I was the only one running, that's a bit scary. My only company was the maintenance crew, the sunbed stewards and early morning smokers, one positive no dogs bliss.

    Parkrun this morning, a 13 mile easy run tomorrow, early with water and hat, now on proper marathon training plan, 32 miles for the week.

    Looking forward to swapping experiences for York in October.


  • Canyoning, abseiling, downhill MTB. Knakered...

    trying a. 12 mile turn tomorrow, in the sun. Enjoy your long runs everybody....

  • well done on your long run Jonah. Bornagain and Swoody did you get out ok for your long runs? All so much harder in the heat.

    App 66 hope you are feeling better.

    skd14 loved your descriptions of running on a ship!

    Well we did it, Leeds 10k! My daughter's first experience of a big event. Think it was my biggest event too with so many runners packed into Millennium Square before the start. We had aimed for 1hr 15 and did it in 1hr 13 so very pleased particularly on such a hot day. Really proud of my girl. No rest for me, 10 miles yesterday and will be running again tomorrow.....and so it goes onimage

    E plodder, worth contacting organisers about deferring, my friend is injured and has managed to defer.

  • No long run for me. Daughter was staying near-by, so dropped in to see us. Only managed a minuscule 7 miles, but it was so hot. She did me a favour really - would never have managed 15! She ate our steak, ate our homemade scones and clotted cream, stayed over so we had to nip out and buy an air bed, then to add insult to injury, husband flattened car battery blowing air bed up! £115 for new battery. Stayed with us all day - treated her to lunch, nat trust house and rspb entry! Kids eh? Well done on your run in Leeds, and to everyone who raced today. I had my eyes on The New Forest 10, but it didn't fit in with our holiday plans. Probably a good job given the heat. 

  • Cheers Lily, big well done to you and your daughter for doing the 10k too image x

  • Lily and daughter well done in Leeds on a hot day, to beat your target time and training tomorrow as well!!

    Bornagain kids are great, enjoy.

    13 miles easy today before it got too hot here in East Yorkshire, parkrun pb by 5 secs it was just one of those days, a fairly local 10k race this Thursday, never done it before. Pity it's back to work tomorrow though rest (running) days are Monday and Friday.

    Keep up the running.

  • thanks for all the kind words and congratulations. I normally run the York 10k another Run for all event but can't this year as on holiday. Think I prefer it as it is smaller and much more room at start and finish and lots of grass to collapse onto at the end! Still they are well organised events which makes me feel hopeful for Oct 20th. Also nice goody bag with weighty medal, tech t and ...chocolate!

    Recovered enough for run with my friend this morning.

  • I ran the Burton Leonard 10k, it was a 2.30 start so was very hot although not quite as bad as Eccup last week! Nice course and very happy with 50 minutes in the heat! We all deserve credit for this warm weather trainingimage

  • I agree Chr1s we're a dedicated bunch. There's a saying in that I think - my husband says we're obsessed - I say obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated!

  • Ha ha, I like that Bornagain! Well done Chris, that is a horrible time to start a race in this heat and 50 minutes is a great time. 

    Well done Lily and Lily's daughter - great running (and great pacing!) 

    I did parkrun with my family on Saturday, usually I run with my 8 year old but he wanted to run with his dad so I got to run with my speedy 11 year old. We ended up charging round in under 24 minutes which was a parkrun PB for us both! So I took it easier on Sunday and just did 12.2 miles, a very slow and chatty run with a friend. 

    I'm off on holiday for two weeks, leaving on Friday - it's going to be even hotter there. So I'm thinking lots of short early morning runs to keep the volume up to around 25 miles a week, rather than attempting an 18 miler in 30 degrees. What do you think? I'm conscious of time ticking on - 96 days to go according to my race planner! 


  • Great running by everyone in this heat

    I'm off to the Lakes at the weekend to run a couple of the legs of the Bob Graham, then my proper training for York starts.

  • 1st glitch in my training plans today. Planned a 7 mile canal run on my lunch break and 2 miles into it just completely broke down in searing agony in my left calf muscle. Did a 180 turn and limped back two miles to the office. Wipeout dude.. I think ill put this one down to dehydration from Saturdays Leeds 10k. Agree though, we are dedicated runners going out in this heat, especially when the rest of your office have gone to a beer garden for lunch


  • Inclined to agree with swoody - I've given up on long run plans for now. Just done a fast few miles in 30 degs. Lots of short runs have got to be better than nothing, and I do need a bit of speed work. Just can't get up early while I'm on holiday - will make the effort when I get home. 

  • It's been a while since I've added anything to this forum. Everyone seems to be getting on very well with the training, which is brilliant.

    Definitely difficult in this heat. I did Eccup in 1h 18m, so pleased with that even though 3m slower than last year. Managed total of 31m last week, with longest run of 13m on Sunday morning. Purposely put some hills on the route aswell (Old Hollins Hill in Esholt, being one of them).

    Echo skd14's comments that it will be good to swap marathon experiences in October, but also training upto that aswell.

    We're all getting closer to the finish.


  • Swoody running on your hols!

    Sean I'm sure there will be glitches to training at some point for most people

    Gazza Eccup was my first ever 10m race, It was undulating so good time in the conditions

    Jonah how's Bob Graham's legs?

    Up and on Laxton 10k tomorrow, new to me, it's flat, not sure on the effect of the heat, I'll just enjoy the run, another 6 miles plus in the training bank, the weeks will skip by.

    Just got the e-mail about changes to the route, doesn't bother me so long as it's 26.2 miles, I'll be using gels that work for me on the day High 5 Apple used them before and water, energy drinks made me feel sick.

    Keep running

  • Morning everyone

    Pretty disappointed about the changes to the route.  Not looking forward to two soul-destroying out and back sections.  Apparently they're not closing roads to traffic so not sure how we're supposed to be safely running on both sides of the road?

    Bloody lucozade gels as well - the worst possible choice! Ah well, was intending on carrying my own gels anyway.

    These changes have just got me a bit worried.  Hope they get the organization right on the day......

  • Hi there,

    Tiny runner I've just driven the new route. Small out and back to Stamford bridge then 4ml!!!! now Up the A166, turn near murton then probably a mile back to Holtby. A166 is pretty undulating and  It was very boring, shame they  cut out some of the rural section as this would of been more interesting Then the 166!. 

    map of new route on map my run. Happy running..... :0)

  • The mile back from murton to holtby is the 2nd out and back. 

  • One of the attractions of this mara was no out and backs (having done Sunderland when there were loads) so disappointed too! Think they need maybe one more water station and I will carry my gels as never any left when I get there. Didn't realise the roads wouldn't be closed. Thanks for the info Skiprat, I wonder if this will mean more people will support. Never heard of routes being changed like this!

    Plan to run very early tomorrow then longish run Sunday, this heat is a killer!

  • your a welcome, wouldn't say anymore crowd support as now on a really busy main road rather than rural but does pass a popular village entrance! (dunnington) so maybe a few more people there.    its a hard route, tougher than London & Berlin, be prepared and we will all be fine. Link below shows route & elevations, hope it helps & happy running.  http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/226837063
  • A very hot 10k race on Thursday, the effect of the heat was 2.5 mins over PB time, wouldn't have liked to race any further, though. There were some tree lined parts in the shade but even after 7.30 it was sweltering. Laxton was a small rural race, flat organised by the village folk, 141 finishers, a good event, thanks to the organisers and volunteers, recommended, would do it again

    parkrun today and practice walk (14 miles) for John Tomlinson Dales Walking Festival 28 miles on 18th August with my youngest son. It wasn't planned but son is keen and not prone to taking up exercise.

    Not sure of run distance tomorrow

    Wishing you all a good weekend of running and racing


  • Sorry typo not John but Jane Tomlinson, apologies for that.

  • Well done in the race skd.  It's so hard to race when it's hot.  Hope you enjoyed your walk with your son.

    Managed to complete a session that I have been dreading for ages this morning - 16 miles with 10 miles at marathon pace.  It was a struggle, but I did it.  Legs really feeling it now though so will keep stretching and perhaps get the trusty foam roller out later.

    Hope everyone's training is going well image

  • 26 miles done yesterday in the Lake District , legs 1 and 5 of the BG

    boiling hot but the views on the tops were the best I've ever seen 

    rest day for me today

  • Thanks Tiny good session today, it will be worth it.

    Jonah well done, that makes me feel like a part timer. I googled the BG never heard of it before, awesome achievement to anyone who can do it. It amazes me that there's always a next level of challenge to go to or just madness for those who get this running bug.

    parkrun sub 22, walk with junior went well 14 miles walk easily under 4 hours, it's overcast here so not too hot, a pint to finish. A good day now out to a wedding do, so tomorrow may be a rest day image

  • Evening Folks

    Thanks for the MapmyRun of the revised course Skiprat, very useful.

    The course doesn't seem to be too hilly to me, but then I live in Wrose so which ever way I set off running, i'll have hills to run up at some point.

    Not so keen on courses that double back on the same roads, always seems that when they do that they are trying to 'squeeze' the miles in for some reason. The 2nd turn point is at 18 miles aswell, just as some runners will be starting to struggle so I don't feel they've help us there. Having said that i'm sure we've all run on worse courses than this, so we'll just cope an get on with it.

    14-15 miles planned for tomorrow, what's everyone else doing?

    Have a good one.


  • Sounds like everyone is having a productive weekend - some impressive tales! Just got back from my hols, I'm relieved that the heat has dropped for the weekend. I'm going to make the most of it and do a long run tomorrow, hopefully 15 miles. Will be an out and back, so a bit boring, but will just be good to start getting these longer runs under my belt. This is when I remember why I said 'Never again' - the long runs are tough on your own. May head across to the Yorkshire Wolds for the next long one, beautiful there. 

    Have a great weekend folks.

  • SKD. I completed it in 2009, it's customery then to support the people who supported you, it's a fantastic route.

    Not been able to walk never mind run since Friday, my legs aren't use to running down steep hills , maybe a little recovery run tomorrow.

  • well done everyone in keeping going in the heat. I wonder if I am adapting to it slightly now! I have just been out for hilly 7.5 miles in the light rain and no sun, quite humid but otherwise comfortableimage

    Been avidly following the Tour de France, then yesterday listened to Marathon Talk and there was a lady being interviewed who is running the route! In awe!

  • Lily.....just back from the Alps and saw Stage 19 at Le Grand Bornand , how  she has run up those 'mountains' I will never know. My legs are hurting after a slow flattish 14 miler yesterday....

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