Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Hi. Can I join you - have just found this forum and am running it too. Not quite as speedily I doubt as some of you folk but am looking forward to it (I think!) 

  • Well done Tiny on your 20 miles image that's fantastic! Good luck with Dovedale Dipper Jonah. Good to hear from you Susan and Thunder Run sounds amazing! App66 I have a pal who has deferred. So sorry to hear that thoughimage. Welcome tishtosh how is your training ? Do you have a time you are aiming for? Last post from me for a couple of weeks as off on my holidays....image 

  • Morning all.

    Welcome tishtosh!  Is this your first marathon?  It's my first and I'm bricking it!

    Oh Ap66, really hope it doesn't get so bad to make you defer.  Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Have a great holiday lily.

    Booked my accomodation yesterday for the Saturday night in York.  Most of the decent hotels were making the Saturday a minimum of a 2 night stay grrrrrr image.  But after several hours of searching I've bagged a one night stay in the centre, hopefully not too far away from the start line.  Anybody local have any tips about any nearby restaurants for a meal the night before race day?  Staying at the Park Inn by Radisson.

  • Have a great holiday lily! 

    This is my 4th and still bricking it image

    I'm staying for two nights in Harrogate. I'm meeting up with a few friends doing York, so looking forward to that bit.

  • Welcome Tishtosh, you'll love your first (of many) marathon, enjoy it and finish.

    Ap still time, here's hoping for you.

    Lily happy hols 

    Tiny I'm not too local, so no help on York and I'm driving in on the day

    hilly parkrun tomorrow, planned LSR Sunday not up to 20 yet for me.

    Leisurely 8 mile walk today

  • Welcome tishtosh. Hope you enjoy the forum chat.

    Ap, there's still plenty of time to recover. My friend does a lot of run/walk when she's recovering from injury and swears by it. Having said that, she needs to defer, and the organisers have said no.

    Tiny, I'm impressed that you've done 20 miles already. I might try a very slow 18 next weekend - need to get York Jane Tomlinson and a vets race out of the way first though. It's still so hot though, did a very short run today and I was totally sapped. Maybe I should do some carb loading...

    happy hols lily. 

  • To be fair I'm a week ahead of schedule though.  Started the plan early so I could have a rest if any niggles came up and not miss any key sessions.

    Went to parkrun this morning and got a corking new PB! This marathon training really is paying dividends, knocked over 30 seconds off last month's time and previous PB image

  • Well done Tiny and welcome tishtosh. Well I managed 16.5 miles today, my first proper long slow run of this training plan. Warmer than I like out, but after the last two weeks it could have been worse.Was ok until the last mile or so, but legs still a bit sapped by Thunder Run I think.

    Have a good weekend and good luck racers.

  • No, you can't defer, nor can you transfer your number to another runner. All you can do is possibly swap your entry to one of their 10k races. 

  • Bolton parkrun yesterday 2.20 faster than my only other previous run, so well satisfied.

    16 mile LSR today, slow and steady, with a few hill reps included, wouldn't have wanted to do anymore today, so need to keep the build up going. I have planned for 3 x 20 miles before the taper and 2 HM's in September. Completed 32 running miles this week, rest day tomorrow.

  • Tiny, you're about 1 1/2 - 2 miles away from start line from your hotel, which is right in the city centre so you're spoilt for choice for restraunts, what type of food would you be looking for? Right on the corner near your hotel there's an Italian (Piccolinos) which would be ideal.

  • *restaurants

  • THanks so much yorkie white.  Definitely don't want to be walking too far so the Italian on the corner sounds great!  Thanks for the info image

  • Saw physio tonight.......

    another weeks rest and i can start training again....won't jump straight back into plan but going to do fleetwood half at end of August and see where I am after that..

    might have to change target time but just planning on getting through it..

    i have some catching up to do after reading all the miles run on here. Well dome to one and all.....

  • That sounds a bit more positive Ap. Fingers crossed it all works out. 

  • Good luck Ap 66. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.

  • Some cracking long runs going on, I'm starting to panic after reading this! 

    I did manage a few short runs on holiday but it was very hot and the furthest I did was 7 miles. Going to do a 15 mile run at the weekend I think, will make me feel a bit better but I'm a long way from where I want to be.

    Not sure trying to cram in two marathons in one year is good for me really. 

    That does sound more positive Ap66. 

  • swoody you'll do it, what is your target.

    A planned 32 mile running week, with a 16 mile LSR. It's my parkrun volunteer week and I'm helping set up and running as a 24min pacer. Also the last practice walk tomorrow for the Jane Tomlinson Yorkshire Dales Walking Festival 28 miles next week which I'm doing with my youngest son.

    I've no races planned until September.

    How's it going for you.

  • Welcome Tishtosh

    AP- Good idea, don't try and play catch up or you will be back to square one

    Skd- enjoy the Yorkshire Dales, beautiful part of the world, I've ran the 3 Peaks quite a few times and never get bored of it

    Good 12 mile tempo run last night 1.20 so getting faster, training is starting to pay off

    18 mile run planned for Saturday morning then off to the Lakes for a week to celebrate my silver wedding anniversary


  • Hi all,

    Another marathon virgin here where my first will be the Yorkshire Marathon in October.

    I made the decision to run the event in January this year to give myself plenty of time to prepare. Previously, I've only ever trained for and ran in 5 and 10k events and hadn't done any serious training since 2010.

    I'd piled the weight on and felt I didn't have the energy to keep up with my 2-year old son, so it was motivation and goal time!!

    I signed up for the Yorkshire Marathon plus the Beverley 10k and JT Hull 10k in May, the Humber Marathon in June and the JT York 10k last weekend to help with my training.

    I got off to a flyer. I followed my training plans to the letter and didn't miss a session. I was even popping down to the local Park Run I was feeling that good. I managed to reduce my 5k PB down to 22:18 (down by 2 minutes).

    Then, out on a long run (8 miles) in mid April, twang, my left calf goes. I've never suffered an injury whist run training before. It left me very frustrated but taught me a lesson on not over-doing it. I'd done an additional Park Run (when I got my PB) the day before doing my long run. Won't be doing it again.

    So I had just over a month to get healthy before the Beverley 10k. I rested up, rode my bike and went swimming. The race was going well until about 1k from home when the calf went again. Gutted. I limped over the line

    That meant I didn't compete in the JT Hull 10k a week later.

    I got back to rest then biking and swimming, However, there was no way I would manage the Humber Half on 30 June with the lack of training. I went on holiday for a week in the first week of July.

    Since then, I've amended my Marathon goal to get round instead of an ambitious 3:30. I've been training hard since my holiday and now the 12 weeks training programme has started. I'm yet to miss a session. Although, my calf does feel tired after some runs it hasn't been a problem. I'm managing it.

    I did an 8 mile long run on 28 July. I also completed the JT York 10k on Sunday in a PB of 50:16.

    I feel like I'm back on track with my training now (touch wood) and will be doing a 9 mile long run on Sunday. I'm purposefully not timing the runs as I don't want to be racing myself when my goal is to get round the 26.2 but not stop running.

    I plan to have done two 20 mile runs before the event.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded first post! Just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know where I am with my training,

    I'm a York resident and the marathon course goes passed my street. If anybody needs any queries about York then please ask. I'll do my best to help.

    Happy running!


  • Wow Liam you sound like a man with a plan. Ive been on light duties too with a calf injury and only started running again in earnest this week. But id rather miss 2 weeks running then not listen to my body and totally knacker myself, which it sounds like you sensibly did also.

    Anyway, managed a 5 mile run-walk-run-walk home on monday night, core strength workout on tuesday night and a 47 min 10k on the canal wednesday lunchtime, which felt great. Ive got 10 miles with the running club pencilled in tonight, a park-run on saturday where im aiming for my first sub 21 run, and then a 15 miler on sunday which will be my longest run of the year so far. pheweee. Great to be running again though.

  • Just quick return to thread from sunny (well sometimes) France! Welcome Liam. Not easy typing on husbands tiny I pod! Managing a 4 mile run every other day but last 2 runs have been joined by un chien and thought today I would have to take my friend back to his farm but luckily he was called! Hope training going well for everyone. Great to hear things are more positive App66 image Forgot to say I am also also swimming lots and doing a bit of cycling. Hope tor keep these up when marathon over. Just wondered if anyone knows if there are going to be any pacers in York? Thanks image 

  • Glad you're enjoying your holiday Lily, never easy keeping up the training while you're away, although running in new surroundings is a welcome change. 

    Welcome Liam, I'm impressed that you've signed up for a marathon if you've only done 5 and 10 k races. It's good to step up though, makes you feel good! (Well maybe not when you stagger in from those long 20 milers!)

    Skd, have a great walk - 28 miles is some distance, how long will it take you?

    I managed 18 miles today, but got my calculations wrong somewhere along the line - thought I was aiming for 28km, then realised it was just over 29! Spent the last mile running (!) aimlessly round our village to clock up that magic 18 miles. I knew I would feel cheated if I did 17.95 miles. Anyway, it's done now and I'll plan things a bit more carefully next time. Getting so hard to find longer routes from home now.

    Have a productive weekend folks! 



  • Welcome Liam, building up the endurance is the key, time on your feet on LSR's, your right not to overdo it.

    Sean sub 21 parkrun, phew, I've done 76 parkruns and sub 21 is still some way off. Good luck as you build up the distance,

    Bornagain, good running, I've done the running round blocks for the garmin distance planned to tick over.

    Yorkshire Dales 28 mile walk plan to do it in under 10 hours, the target is to complete, the limit is 12 hours. We did a practice on the Beverley 20 in just 6 hours with a quick drink in the pub halfway, we've been clocking 3.5 mph over our walks. 

    Keep running


  • Thanks all.

    It's my second marathon - did London in 2010 but now want to get faster - I'm not talking super-speed here, sub 4hours would be great! Off on 15 mile run shortly but it's already looking a trifle warm out there! 

    Hope evryone has a good long run today

  • 16 mile off road LSR done, early doors so not too warm here quite breezy and shaded near trees, it did feel better than last weeks LSR, I feel I could have done 20 today if I'd needed to but it still starts getting hard going over 10. It's these sessions that make it better for race day.

    I did enjoy pacing at parkrun yesterday, it was good to take it easier, good banter and response, one woman said I saw you go past me so I was determined to catch you and got a PB. It was also seen as the grim reaper by those who I passed and I I was asked on a couple of occasions was I on schedule to complete in the 24 mins, as they struggled. It was amazing how running over 2 mins slower than usual, how comfortable it was, so it just confirms that training does work.

    Enjoy your running


  • Happy Monday all!

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I got out at 7.30 yesterday morning for my 9 mile (was actually 9.4) run which I did with relative ease. I even picked up the pace after 8 miles and did the remaining at what I consider my 10k race pace. I loved it.

    A well earned rest day today.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Nykie wrote (see)

    No, you can't defer, nor can you transfer your number to another runner. All you can do is possibly swap your entry to one of their 10k races. 

    I wonder just how many people will be unable to race come the big day. The Jane Tomlinson publicity machine managed to get a lot of people to sign up in a very short space of time, many of whom will be inexperienced ... and more likely to get injured or put off once they realise just how far 26.2M is compared with a 10K. Based on what I've seen for the Leeds 10K, the PR machine will quote the number of entries rather than the number of finishers (I guess that number will be 60-70% of entries). To me it's a poor way of operating ... a lot of (very expensive)entries are wasted and this goes rather against the "Run for All" spin. Other marathons and races (Chester, Abingdon, Brass Monkey, etc) allow you to officially transfer your place to another runner. Do the JT charity deliberately sell more places than they expect and factor in this attrition?


  • Hi everyone. I'm training for the Yorkshire marathon and I've joined a running group for the extra motivation which has helped a lot. I did 17 miles a couple of weeks ago (my furthest ever) but holidays/illness have got in the way since.

    I managed 11 miles today in just under 8 minute miles all the way, which was good, but I'm now going away again so I'll be playing catch up again... I want to try and stay at 8 minutes as long as I can in the marathon but I know how hard it gets to keep the pace. Anything under 4 hours will be good.

    In response to Lily there are pacers. The website said there will be 7-minute mile, 8-minute mile, 9-minute mile, 10-minute mile and 11-minute mile pacers.


  • Evening Folks

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum.

    I managed 9 miles on Wed & Thurs, Parkrun (with my 10y old nephew) on Sat and just over 18 miles on Sunday morning.

    Paced at just below 8 min per mile on Wed & Thurs, 29 min Parkrun (normally sub 22 min) but much slower on Sunday morning at 9.30 min per mile, although I made sure there were some tough climbs on purpose.

    Seems like everyone is getting the distances in now which is very positive. Hope the training continues to go well.

    Enjoy the running.



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