Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Everyone seems to be getting on well with their training plans. I'm impressed with all the really long runs some of you are up to - I've only done a couple of 15 milers thus far, one of which was dire and was one of those runs you just tick off and then try to forget about! Thankfully last sunday's was better and did a really good 8 miles this morning. Can't quite believe how quickly the weeks are rushing by but it also doesn't seem quite real yet - maybe when the race pack lands on my door mat it will!

  • Back from a week in the lakes, plenty of walking and a few runs for good measure.

    Did a fast 15 miles earlier with a 1.28 half in it, so going well 

    Got a 56 ultra on the 7th September not going mad using it as training run 

    SK great effort, I've run the 3 peaks numerous times, beautiful when dry.

  • congrats Skd and son, amazing achievement image what's the Big20 Susan? Good luck running in France Muckles, impressed you managed 10 miles! Some good articles in this months RW about running in heat and holidays. Made me feel more positive. Tishtosh you seem to be doing really well. I am only up to 13 miles and the last few weeks I have not been keeping to my plan. Until children are back at school I have decided to get out and run when I can and do my long runs but get back on track early Sept. It is something I have to accept and seems unavoidable.

    The charity I am running for interviewed me last week, all made it seem v real! Think there is some chat about the mara on Marathon Talk this week.

    13 miles for me tomorrow then off to Herts for a Golden wedding, then Dorset..

  • Lily the Big 20 is nothing special, just my first 20 mile run for this marathon. I'm hoping to do the South Cheshire 20 on 15/9; it's a really long drive for me and very tricky as my husband will be away quite a bit for the next 6 weeks or so, but it would do me good I think. Who are you running for? I ran the VLM for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and will be doing the same for York. I've just downloaded the latest Marathon Talk and I think you're right, they're interviewing Mike Tomlinson. Hopefully this episode might motivate me for my 20 miles on Saturday, as I've been feeling like I need to find my mojo again!

    Jonah a 56 ultra? …would love to do the Trail of Herts next year as its local to me. But it's a biiiiig distance …

  • States obvious!

  • the very long runs on your own are the toughest I think Susan, at least in the marathon we have support. Be proud of yourself and have a nice treat at the end. I  like my husband to perhaps send me motivational texts! Also I break it up into half hour slots, how many villages I pass through etc! I will listen to Marathon Talk when doing my 13 miles tomorrow. I did one 21 miles for each of my  previous marathons but plan to do 2 this time. I have chosen to raise money for SASH a local York youth homeless charity. Have run for Jane T before, very worthwhile image she is part of the reason I took up running in the first place 7 years ago.

    Just about to pop open the sparkling to celebrate my daughter's gcse results, not sure how that will affect my run tomorrow!

  • Lily agree with you, I hate doing long runs on my own so I always try and run with someone for these

    Susan it's a local race I've done it 6 times, it's my favourite race, believe it or not it's not as hard as a marathon because its not as intense and you get well fed round the course.

  • Thanks guys for your support, now back to running, this week first 40 mile week, including parkrun and 20 mile LSR.

    For me LSR's are a necessary part of the training usually, mp3, 2 gels, water, garmin and just to get to the end, a good feeling knowing it's in the bag then relax, it's a sign the race is getting closer. Oh I keep thinking why I'm doing it, visualising finishing in my target time come the day.

    Finding it harder than I expected fitting in the training, so I feel off the pace for a marathon at the moment. The training plan has suffered and with two further trips planned, this will continue, I need to fit training in around family commitments.

    Lily, champers well done to your daughter on gcse's.image

  • Good to see you all doing well , numbers will with us soon......

    no running for me for 2 more weeks, but Achilles seem to be responding....that will leave me 6 weeks. common sense has prevailed. Don't want to ruin my running in future years so have decided not to run.....and just to make sure I don't try it I have changed our holiday flights from the Monday after the marathon to the day before !!!!

    there will be other marathons........

    I have entered London

    good luck to you all. I will be checking on your progress !!

  • so sorry to hear that App66, but you sound like you have made a sensible decision and have a great holiday image

    sounds like you are doing well Skd having done a 20 mile. I now listen to Marathon Talk on my LSR and today was about the York Mara, made me briefly quicken my step! I did 13 miles in 2.25 so was pleased, tried to keep to 11.30 pace which for me was tough and I had to dig deep. Feel I have long way to go yet but am encouragedimage

  • Sounds like a wise move made at the right time App66, very sensible. There will be many more marathons to come! 

    Sean F, I ran round Harewood and Eccup last Sunday too, it was fabulous - I went with a friend and we just ran and chatted. Beautiful scenery and just what I needed after doing a lot of boring road running. 

    Well done on the Dales 28 Mile Walk Skd14, that is amazing! 

    Some very long LSRs taking place, am envious of your progress. I did 16 miles last week and 15 miles the week before but like others have mentioned I am struggling to fit in the miles and just don't feel very marathon fit.

    Am planning on doing a short one tomorrow instead of a LSR then do 18 miles on Monday to give my legs a bit more recovery time - although I'm not injured anywhere specific my legs have felt sore after my 16 miles on Sunday.

    Happy long running over the Bank Holiday everyone. 

  • Nice one Lily, sounds like an excellent confidence boosting run! 


  • Ap, I'm so sorry to hear you can't run, but you've made a wise decision, and the holiday will definitely help to ease the pain. 

    Some lovely views for runs in Provence Muckles, I love that part of France.    I've just done 20 miles today, forecast was for heavy rain and cooler, but wrong as usual, hot and muggy until the last few miles when we got welcome cooling drizzle. My training buddy hasn't run further than 13 miles, but plodded round with me, looking fit as a lop, while I suffered badly. Was not a good run - no energy, breathing not right, ended up walking while I had my gels. Not sure if its the heat that's doing this to me, I don't usually suffer like this. Am going to have to stay very positive to get through the next long one, fortunately not for another two weeks. 56 days to go - double argh! 
  • Bornagain, sympathies I had a similar experience today. I felt stiff and creaky from the start, so decided to do 16. Then got lost and did 20. Got soaked through, too hot, didn't have enough drink with me, and felt generally quite miserable. Now nursing sore hips and a headache due to being dehydrated I expect. Hope everyone else fares better this weekend.

  • Its a relief to hear that others are suffering too! I hope you are feeling better now, Susan. Training in this heat is really taking it's toll. I had a long soak in the bath(fell asleep in it too), had tea, and now feel better, to the point where I've pencilled in my next 20 miler with same buddy! Off to The Lakes on Thursday - a few long walks in the mountains with some short runs thrown in should do the trick. 

  • Thanks Swoody.

    AP gutted for you, the right decision, but if common sense prevailed all the time would there be any marathoners?

    Good running guys getting in those LSR's

    20 mile LSR today 10min miles, felt OK to 16 miles then it got harder but kept up the pace, great confidence booster, hamstring and knees behaved, only down side joggers nipple, I wore a shirt that I'd run in many times before but not this distance, didn't apply any vas with a stiff coolish breeze, I now have a couple of red tender spots. Fail to prepare and all that, lesson learned, need to respect the distance or it will bite back.

    Sub 22 min parkrun yesterday, now off on hols 5 days in France, Taking my running kit though, rest day tomorrow.

    Keep on running everyone.

  • Well done on the long runs everyone - I managed 18 today and like others struggled in the last 3-4 miles but kept thinking how I'd feel once I'd acheived it and why I was doing this marathon while I was struggling which at least made me keep going! There's also something about ticking the run off on the training plan that makes the pain worthwhile!

    App 66 really sorry that you've had to call it a day for this marathon but I'm sure you've made the right decision although suspect it was hard to do so. There will be other marathons and hopefully with rest etc your Achilles will settle. 

    Have a good bank holiday one and all - tomorrow will be a rest day for me image

  • Great to hear people's updates. Eww joggers nipple has caused me problems this year. Now I fix a plaster over each nipple before my long runs image Good news and bad news from me today. Good news I did my first ever 20 this morning. It took me 3:31 which I was very happy with given the hills here. Bad news I am 99% sure I have a hernia in my left groin. Looking at the forums it seems I can carry on for Oct 20 but will need to get it sorted at some point image. Rest day tomorrow whoop woop

  • Don't think there's any danger of me getting anywhere near these prizes but thought I'd post link as a matter of interest or maybe some of you will be looking to win image 


  • This will be my first marathon, I'm using music to get me through my long (lonely) runs but am thinking of running the race without to appreciate both the physical and mental demands that a marathon requires. Just wondered what your thoughts were on running a marathon with music, does it give an advantage psychologically? Should I just think 'sod it' first marathon, just run with music and get round using whatever means necessaryimage

  • Yorkie, think safety. The general rule is that you shouldn't wear headphones during a race because you can't hear instructions from marshals etc. I wore them all the time when I first started running and racing, and I found I was concentrating on the music rather than my running. Even though it wasn't at all loud, I was so engrossed with it, I didn't see a marshal, let alone hear him say turn left! I also found that it relaxed me too much and i was slowing down! I do still use music on some training runs, but the less I use it, the less I rely on it. Enjoy your first marathon -  other runners will be so encouraging and you'll get round with their support. 

  • +1 for ditching the headphones.  I can understand why people like to use them on long, lonely training runs but I'd urge you to ditch them in race situations.  Personally I find I run much better when I'm focusing on my breathing and form, rather than getting lost in a song. And as bornagainrunner says, it's just not safe.

    Soak up the atmosphere of race day.  It's such an amazing feeling - please don't block it out with tinny music image.

    Looks like everyone's doing some great long runs. I dropped back to 16 at the weekend and it's so surreal to say 'only 16 miles for my long run this week'!

    This time in 8 weeks, we'll all (hopefully!) be marathoners image

  • hello again from sunny Dorset this time! Did a couple of runs in Tring at the weekend, got lost both times and did one of my classic trips so have bruised and cut knees and hands image. Sorry to hear some people demoralised LSRs, a forum member once reassured me that at this stage it is miles in the bank at this  and not time, so well done. Trust in your plansimage Easier said than done for me who is off plan but determined to get on soon!

    Music....always a hot debate.....I do use it as on my 2 marathons I was way back in the field when many supporters had gone home, I didn't use it for Manchester and ended up singing to myself along long lonely country roadsimage! I pull the one headphone out when there is support and definitely at the start and finish. I remember at Manchester having to shout at a runner who could not hear an ambulance behind her because both headphones in. So I will have my i pod but just ready if I feel lonely and on my own and only ever one ear piece!

      Plan to run tomorrow so hope I don't get lost. Then 16 miles Friday back in Yorkshire. Then last minute entered local Tholthorpe 10k with my daughter on Sunday.

  • All good advice, much appreciated image Bornagain, do you run for York Knavesmire Harriers? 

  • Aye yorkie, I do! You?

  • Yes me too, just joined this year, ran in the summer road race league and been to a few Monday night sessions but work and family commitments mean I can't get to training as much as I'd like to. image 

  • It's a great club. I'm not getting to training nights just now for family reasons, but try and do most of the club runs and vets races. I've been a member for 4 years now, and it's really helped me improve. i did summer league a few years back, but it tends to clash with vets. Hope to see you at a race before long. 

  • Hi bornagain, i think we both commented on the same Facebook status of a fellow Harrier last night, just in case you're wondering i'm the one wearing the YKH vest on profile pic.


  • Ah yes, you made a nice comment! I was a tad sarkier! 

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