Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Hi everyone first marathon in my home town of York this year so I have been nosing on here to see what other people are doing training wise.

    LSR up to 19 miles Sunday just gone and aiming for sub 3h 30 on the big day.  Feeling quite tired though starting this week.

    I started my training with Garmin's advanced schedule but soon picked up loads of niggles as it was too much of a step up in terms of mileage.  Having more success listening to my body instead of being a slave to the schedule... 

    Been using SIS gels on my long runs two an hour which seems to work ok with taking on plenty of water.  I've started increasing the last third of my LSR's to race pace.

    Will go up to around 22-23 miles LSR with 3 weeks to go and then taper off from there which looks to be similar to what others are doing. 

    Keep up the good work everyone and good luck.  Its really encouraging to read how well you're all doing.



  • Hi Susan,    They put in 2 out & backs on the route a few weeks ago so maybe those were the changes. The section where these are is the most difficult to train on as a really busy main road. It's about 4ml from top to bottom & undulating. I've actually grown to like the route, I wasnt keen at first.    Just save a tiny bit of energy for the steep hill at mile 26, I've been training on it,  run up the middle it's the easiest section. It will make or break us but just think 90 seconds & it's done :0) 
  • Thanks Skiprat, always useful to know an insider point of view. Steep hill at mile 26 sounds intimidating, but nothing gets between me and my celebratory chip butty at the finish!

  • your welcome, it is intimidating but not impossible.

    I have found as most of the route is on rural roads they dip at the sides (cant remember the name of it) & its pretty trickey  to run on, my ITB has flared up a little because u seem to run kind of lopsided. I've found running in the middle of the road the best option when there are no cars about of course. image

  • Yes I hurt my calf quite badly at the start of the Chester marathon running on a road like that. Doesn't help that I have one leg longer than the other.

  • Well hopefully no hurt calfs this time, stick o the middle image.

    Happy running & all my long runs r on the marathon route so let me know if u need any advice. imageWill try and help 

  • I did a 20mile run at the weekend!! 20 actual miles. In the same day! I'm so pleased with myself. I ran from Pickering to Scarborough, got lost a little, and then came in with beautiful views of the South Bay. They last bit was down hill too. I met my family in Scarborough and my wife had made a picnic, brought loads of water, and we chilled on the beach whilst the kids played. Perfect!

    Sounds like the training is going well for most of you on here. I was sorry to see that you fell during a run, Lily of the Valley, but clearly no lasting effects if you then went on to get a 10k pb! Brill! Born again runner - I do hope thigs are okay - my bp is also a little on the high side. I take a lot of natural remedies that have evidence for reducing bp, including hibsicus tea, green tea, omega 3 and olive leaf extract. My bp has reduced since starting these but I have also lost weight and that may have had an impact too. There is no subsitute for what your GP prescribes but it may be worth looking at what other things can help aswell? I do hope you're running again soon. Thanks skd14 for sharing your experience of getting carried away in a race - it's nice to know that it can happen to you speedy and experienced runners too.

    I'm running the Wetherby 10k on Sunday so I'm planning on running my long run tomorrow morning. This means getting up at, OMG!, 5am. I was going to run tomorrow evening but my youngest daughter starts school tomorrow and I want to be around in the evening to hear all about her first day. I'm planning on running part of the course - I'll take your advice Skiprat and try and stay near the centre of the roads. I'll avoid the A166 though as I ran on that for about a mile on bank holiday weekend and it was scarey due the the volume/speed of the traffic. I'm assuming that theyare closing this road on race day?


  • Hi there not so great north runner,

      Hope your long run goes ok tomoz, I finished 15ml today, was hot but maintained a good pace, i did an out and back on the last part of the route. Was ok.    Not sure re road closure, I would say not as its a main road the A166 is such a well used road, maybe half of it, not sure!.   Good luck with the wetherby 10k, I've done it before & really enjoyed it. Nice 10k in wistow nr selby in October. Happy running. 
  • Frustrated from Suffolk here today. My groin has been sore now for two weeks and is getting worse. On top of that I seem to have a slight hernia in it. I was REALLY looking forward to some pace training and long runs over the next two weeks but I think I am going to have to put my feet up for a week and hope for the best. It's really upsetting after all my work so far. A lovely evening for a run today, but I'm on the sofa image

  • Muckles, sympathies. I had a hernia repair (umbilical though) last year. Not much fun BUT good to get the repair out of the way. My husband has a latent hernia in his groin, and was told to avoid running on hard surfaces such as pavements but that soft trails or the treadmill would be ok. Other wise I guess it's just rest and fingers crossed.

  • NSGNR - we are all athletes.

    Of all the things to worry about I can now add the camber of the road to the list.

    Muckles - rest if the groin is getting worse, all the best for the next 6 weeks, cross training or swimming is the usual alternative to increasing frustration.

    9miles this morning with a few hill reps, 6 miles tomorrow, rest day, 6 miles Saturday including a 24min parkrun, then Major Stone HM Sunday, 34 miles for the week.

    Keep running, stay healthy.

  • THANK YOU Susan, Skd14 and others for your fab  advice for running LSRs, you are STARS image did 18 miles this morning and so much happier than last week's 16, loaded down with 3 bottles of water, gels etc I set off before it got too hot. 14 miles at 1 minuteish over my mp and felt good. At 14 miles I could not believe I could quicken my pace as legs a bit tired, took next 2 miles to build up pace then the last 2 miles I managed my mp and sometimes a little quicker! So I am a happy person, thank you! Blistered toes and desperately trying to rehydrate so I don't get my usual headache but otherwise feel okimage

    a quick question... I am struggling with gels, I feel sick at the thought of them and just forced 2 down on my run but wondered if anyone could suggest an alternative? I have been using the more runny isogels but plan to go back to normal high 5 gels as can't fit the bulkier ones in my belt!

    Thanks for the route advice Skiprat.....hill at 26 miles.......may have to crawl it!

    Welcome Matty

    Sorry to hear about your injuries Muckles, hope the rest is helping.

  • I'd also be interested in what gels you all use, and your hydration strategies too. I ran 17.5 miles this morning and I've felt dreadful all day long. it's mainly dizziness, slight nausea, which I've never had after running before. I did a quick google search and it may be to do with me not having enough electrolytes in my system? I know you can get electrolyte tablets - does anyone use them? 't would be helpful to knowhow others   mange this.

    Muckles - hope the hernia repairs soon. 

    Skiprat - I'll keep an eye out for the Wistow 10k

    Skd14 - I've been called many things in my time, but never an athlete. I like it!

  • Keep checking on your progress even though I'm dead jealous...

    did my first run this week 3 miles, injury sorted but too late for this marathon. Real role reversal this Sunday watching my daughter do her 1st 10k at Wetherby. One really proud dad !!! 1hr 15 her target although I know she will smash that !

    keep it up !!!!

  • Thanks for the good wishes. I have never had so much attention on my groinimage 

    Gels...as I was increasing my mileage I did some research on here an ordered a bulk load of High5 Summer Fruits gels based on people's feedback. It took a few weeks to get used to them,  but since then I have have been using them between sips of water or Lucozade Lite. I am now a fan of them.

    How do people carry gels?

  • Hi lily of the valley i have always used sis gels & find they go down quite easily. U can also buy an sis belt to hold them and is pretty good to wear. 

      Not so great runner - I find carbing & hydrating well the day before is key to a quicker recovery after a long run. I have been using sis gels & because the weather has been so warm using berry zero high 5 drink tablets, defo worth a try I find them great.   http://highfive.co.uk/product/hydrate/zero   Within 20mins of finishing a run I have a for goodness shake (chocolate) also really good. I then make sure I eat plenty of protein foods and find I recover really well.   Hope that helps, happy running :0)
  • Brilliant Lily, doesn't it feel better to do those last few miles feeling comfortable, and like you could do a few more?! 18 miles finished with a few at mp is fantastic preparation.

    I use the High 5 gels and can carry 6 in a large Nathan waist pack. I'm with Skiprat on the zero tablets, they have the advantage of not being sweet tasting. In fact I've grown to quite like the slight aspirin type taste of the lemon one, which can be quite welcome after a sickly gel.



  • I did a lovely 10 miler last night though I got slightly caught out on a country road at 5 miles by it getting darker quicker than I expected! I did my Marathon Talk Magic Mile today as part of a 4 mile run, 8.14 which I thought was ok given it was 27 degrees. Wondering if I have time to give it another go tomorrow, maybe when it's cooler in the evening.

  • Not posted for a while, plodding along nicely

    There is some serious long runs being done, well done

    It might be a good idea in the coming weeks to introduce a bit of track work, 800 reps etc, just to sharpen you up a bit, it really helps me.

    Bullock Smithy for me tomorrow a 56 mile trail race, should be good fun.

    I've decided to go back and do the Boston marathon again, I'm lucky enough to be able to enter on Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend runs and stay safe


  • +1 for the SisGo gels for me.  Carry them in a SIS belt.  Have been practising with them on all my long runs and I love them.  You don't need water with these gels so it's nice to be able to take them as and when you want, rather than being dictated by when the next water station is.

    Have got a 10 mile tempo run to do tomorrow and then will be taking part in the 'Half Yorkshireman' on Sunday, which is a 15 mile all off-road event.  Won't be racing it though, just using it to practise some MP miles.  Going to be very soggy though looking at the weather forecast image

  • NSGNR, I'm feeling a lot better now thank you.  Don't think my BP is bad enough for medication so will certainly try self-help, thank you for your suggestions.  Interested to read how bad you felt after your long run, and the thought that it might be lack of electrolytes. That's exactly how I felt, and having read an article on hydration, I think you are right. I have been so careful to hydrate well the day before a race or long run, and take on water during, without over-hydrating,but never thought about electrolytes. Silly really, as I often use SIS Go when walking in the heat. I should know better! I too use High 5 gels, and tolerate them well. Just bought a whole box from Wiggle - cheapest I could find.  I also take some Power Ride Lemon Shots with me - nice jelly like sweets. I got a free Gel belt from ZipVit, holds lots of gels. I use SIS rego as a protein recovery drink, or chopped frozen banana whizzed up with milk.

    My few days of R and R in the Lakes proved costly - pulled hamstring and glutes on a hard walk. So no runs at all for the last week. Am going to try a very short and slow jog today, then desperately need to get another 20 miler in soon. Also need to put some miles on my new road shoes, but may play safe and wear my old shoes for the marathon.  It's great to read how everyone is getting on, I just need to stay positive and get my training back on track. 
  • Hi Lily, I used Clif Shot Bloks for the Marathon of the North as I didn't fancy the idea of gels - they are like jelly cubes and quite tasty although was sick of them by the end of it! 3 sweets are equivalent to 1 gel so they're easy to carry too.trying out some gels at present but will go back to the Shot Bloks if I don't get on with the gels.

  • Hi Hellsbells, hope your training is going well and you recovered ok after motn. Training been harder for me this time over the summer but feeling more positive after lsr this week,

    Thanks for advice re nutrition. I have ordered some high 5 gels I have previously used and will alternate them with dextrose tablets. I am ok after first gel, it is the thought of the second gel that never appeals!

    Good to hear you are running again App66, good luck to your daughterimage

    Muckles I have a bottle belt with a pocket I can squeese 2-3 gels in.

    Well done on magic mile Susanimage Good to hear from you Jonah. Good luck with Yorkshireman Tiny.

    Sorry to hear about your injuries bornagain, you are right to rest, still lots of time to fit 20 mile run in.

    Just about to head of for 8-9miler, will see how it goes as still tired legs, happy weekend running everyone.

  • Advice on hydration/fuelling has been really helpful. Thank you. I've bought some high five gels, and i'll try one this weekend. I've also bought some zero hydration tablets to try. My biggest splurge has been ordering a camel bak hydration pack from amazon. I hate carrying bottles whilst I'm running so im going to give this ago. I really don't want another day feeling so dizzy!

    Quick question. I'm running a 10k tomorrow and I wondered what all your thoughts were on going for it!? I reckon I have a good chance for a pb but I don't want to interfere too much with my training. Any thoughts appreciated...

    Born again - glad you're feeling a lot better.image

  • Not so great - I love, love, love my camelbak! I agree that they're overpriced but I use mine all the time on long runs and I couldnt' be without it now.

    Personally I'd go for it with the 10k.  It'll be a good indicator of how training is going and you should recover relatively quickly now that you're used to the longer distances.  Just make sure you stretch and rehydrate immediately after race and maybe try and have a protein shake or chocolate milk with you.  I like to do a short recovery run sometimes a few hours after a race too - literally just 1-2 miles very, very slowly,  Helps to get oxygen to the leg muscles and you should feel much better for it.

    New parkrun PB today for me of 21:35 followed by 5 miles at marathon pace afterwards.  Cream crackered!  Looking forward to taking it easy at tomorrow's race image

  • NSGNR This time last year I did a ten mile race, just 6 weeks before my first marathon. I flew round, got a PB, no ill-effects. In fact I think it gave me a real boost and such a change from the long slow stuff. Go for it tomorrow, but listen to your body and ease off if you feel anything un-toward. Good luck! 

  • Not so great north runner - GO FOR IT, good luck and enjoy. :0) 

  • Go for it Not So!

    Tempted by a Camelbak.......I have a tendency to not drink enough and then of course the headache afterwards is grim.....Born Again the nice thing about Wiggle is the little pack of Haribo, though I have to fight off my three boys to keep them image

    Did 18 miles while my oldest was doing his 11+, nice enough route round a nature reserve but not knowing the area very well I ended up doing the last five miles uphill. Urgh!

  • great northern runner, if you did your 10k I hope it went well. I was interested to read about your recovery runs Tiny, sounds like a good idea. Well done on your 18 miles Susan, always good to run somewhere different but also tough not knowing elevation etc! I had a steady 9 miles yesterday and just been for an exhausting 6.75 mile walk on moors with hubby. All starts again on Tues.....debating whether to do my 20 miles at end of week as very busy week the week after and have to have time to recover before my longest planned run of 22 miles....

  • There is some serious mileage being done here - good to hear how people are getting on. Glad you had a better run this week Lily - I'm really impressed you were able to pick up your pace for the last couple of miles. I tried but failed to be able to today - not helped by last 2-3 miles being an uphill slog so feel for you Susan too!

    Re hydration etc,  I use the sis gels too and don't find them as sweet and sickly as some. I hate the lucozade ones - they make me feel really sick so it's probably worth trying out different makes until you find what suits. Today I tried just taking gels and water as also find sports drinks too sweet. Like others I don't think I'm drinking enough - drank less than a litre on my 21.5 mile run this morning and was struggling by the end so may need more gels and more water. Didn't drink enough yesterday either so need to get better at planning ahead!

    Do those who use a camelbak not find that it moved around on your back or are they quite secure? And are they light? I have a north face one with a hydration system that I use when skiing but it's quite heavy and I don't find it comfortable to run in. 

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