Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Whats everyones take on the travel arrangements RE 'other buses'. On the marathon newsletter it says something like local bus companies will be running a service for £1 but we dont know anything about this as its not us.

    I find this incredibely obtuse of them, and in my grumpy old age I translate this as;

    'Theirs a rival bus service to us and its a pound. Were trying to lift your leg for £5 so we dont want to help you, and find your own way'

    I reckon the other service will run from the station and be pretty decent. Im getting there early enough anyway, so if push comes to shove and im completly wrong ill walk over to the uni as I have it down as 2.2 miles from the station. Nice warm-up anyway.

  • Sean - you might want to contact first group bus company in York. you can catch the number 4 bus from the station to the university. Not sure how often they run on a sunday. Link is http://m.firstgroup.com/ukbus/york/timetables

    There are loads of good pubs in town, and I'm sure you'll have loads of good suggestions. In fact, my money is on Skiprat having another 5am epiphany!! The last one was indeed genius.

    Loving all the helpful suggestions just now. I'm nursing a sore back after my weekend of running. No running for me today but may do a gentle one in the morning if the old back's up to it.

  • Stimpy and Skiprat - thanks for the tips, will certainly look into parking nearer to the start. 


    Sean - I get the same impression regarding buses on race day.  Maybe any income generated from the 'official' p&r have been budgeted for hence the encouragement to use it. 

    Don't forget wet wipes - very handy.

    That's it for the hard training now its just recovery while keeping the runs ticking over.  Quite enjoy this bit, just have to be carful not to overeat as I am now mooching about when I would usually be out running. 

    Never felt like eating or having a drink after a long run but may force a couple of pints to celebrate/ease the pain in York.

    Happy tapering.


  • Not long now! Totally agree with you Tiny, in fact I had 14 miles down today (was planned for Saturday but ran out of time) but cut it short at 12 as I was a bit worried at how tired my legs felt. 

    There was an apple in the vlm goody bag, never tasted anything so fine in my life image ....I alwAys think I'll fancy a beer after, but strangely once I cross that line I don't want it.

  • Hi everyone.

    This is the First Group very efficient response to my e-mail about Grimston Bar P&R,

    There will unfortunately be some inevitable disruptions and delays because of the
    event, but as yet I have had no formal confirmation of any diversions other than
    those which will affect service 10.

    On this basis, I am certainly working to the assumption that everything will run
    normally, albeit with some minor delays.

    I would advocate watching the service updates section of
    www.firstgroup.com/york which will display any updates to this situation
    nearer the time when agreed with the council.

    However, to answer the main question,
    the services will operate normally in terms of opening and timetable times,
    but subject to the above delays.

    Hope this helps. Best Regards
    First Customer Services West & North Yorkshire.


  • Hi anyone know of any spaces available? A friend desperate to do it after an enjoyable run at Chester image 

  • Hi Tessa. My mate has a spot going as he cant run. Its a male number so as long as your friend dosent mind getting called martin. PM me if you're interested.

  • Just taken another tumble (that's 3 falls and a dog bite so far).....planned one of my favourite runs parking at Overton and running along cycle path to York then turning back over Millenium Bridge. After a couple of miles I was distracted by scary cows (that actually weren't scary) and fell off edge of newly tarmaced path. Worker kept asking if I was ok. So embarassed I said I was fine and kept going. Then realised I had twisted ankle, torn trousers, bleeding knee and big tarmac scratches all down my leg! Walked for a mile then decided to keep going very slowly. On the way back the cows had gone and the path had been banked up either side with earth! Really feel I need that darkened room and some cotton wool to keep me safe till the big day!

    Hope everyone else okimage

  • Ouch, hope you're Okay Lily, and hopefully its just some superficial cuts and bruises and nothing more serious. Well apart from the damage to your street cred now anyway.

    Maybe worth getting an ice pack on that knee though just as a precaution.


    Fingers crossed for you.

  • thanks Sean, just a bit shaken and sore, going to put some ice on the knee and ankle now and rest for abit!

  • Oh no Lily! You've certainly had it tough over the last few weeks. Glad you're okay though. Was near the new flood defence system they are building on Clifton bridge? I think they are constructing new cycle/walking paths there?

    My back is still playing up. I was quite "twisty" last night, but my dear wife gave me a lower back massage, which seems to have helped a bit. managed 5 slow miles this morning, which has also loosened it up. I'll see how it goes - maybe I'll be calling on the chiropractor yet.

    Maybe we all need that big roll of cotton wool that bornagain suggests!

  • Sorry to hear of your woes Lily. Hope you make a full recovery, there's still plenty of time for bruising to subside (oh I am so positive aren't I?)

    NSGNR, I sympathise with your back problems. I have a twisted spine which can cause aches and pains whenever it feels like it. Inactivity/sitting around doing nowtis guaranteed to set it off. my chiropractor is great, but I wish he'd sound proof his room - his manipulation techniques make me yelp and curse! 

    I believe Boots have a BOGOF offer on cotton wool just now ...

  • oh, and Tesco are also doing an offer on red carnations so we can all recognise each other on the day image

  • Owhhhh Lily hope you feel a little better soon & NSGNR hoping a speedy recovery on the back.

    Bornagain heading to boots no. image

    Ordered a taxi to take me to the start, I'm very excited, going to go for it, positive thinking. Whoop! image



  • Heading to boots now not no, typing to fast again. 

  • thanks everyone for your kind comments, NSGNR I think it is where you describe, there is a lot of work going on, on my way back further up from where I fell they have put an alternative route with plastic stiff matting that is not joined together so I was very careful over that bit! Hope yours and bornagain's backs are ok. Must get to Boots for that cotton wool!

    Glad you have taxi sorted Skipratimage


  • I need your help guys please!! I'm a finalist in the 'do the Y' competition.  You have to 'like' my photo on their facebook page.  Whoever gets the most likes - wins!  Mine is the last photograph (I'm wearing my black and white club vest). 

    Lily - glad you're okay - get that cotton wool on fast!!

  • Good luck Tiny- liked it!image


  • Thank you Lily image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Lily.. I work at Clifton Moor & often run after work to let the traffic die down before driving home. One of my routes is up to Overton & back.  Sometimes I carry on almost to the A19 which is 5m each way.  Not as accident prone as you by the sound of it - hope the cotton wool works!  I hear loft insulation is a bit thicker. image 

    I'm doing the Frankfurt Marathon on the 27th, plenty of time for me to stub a toe, catch flu etc.  Best of luck to all of you doing York, hope the conditions are good for marathon running.

  • Hi all. At the weekend I found my self saying 'I only have to do 12 miles on Sunday' How strange is that? Six months ago the thought of running 12 miles was very daunting. All relative I suppose. Trying not to talk about it all the time at home is a challenge....

  • Liked Tiny!

    only 12 miles Muckles? Not slacking surely? You're right though. Non-runners are always most impressed when I say 'oh I only went for a short run today, just 15 miles' .

  • liked tiny imageimageimage

  • Liked also. 

    I know how you feel Muckles.  Only 32 miles this week but taking it oh so carefully.  No silly injuries now.

    Hope those with injuries are recovering well. 

  • morning all.....feeling ok today, just a bit battered and ankle a little stiff, made me think now really is the time to do v little running, may go for a few jogs around the block and run my usual 5 miles with my friend next Monday. I feel if we make it to the start line (or pen 5 in my case!) in one piece it is an achievement! The trainer who gave me my training plan has suggested pace times for me, a liitle optimistic but made me feel more positiveimage 11.30 for first 16 miles, then 11.15 till mile 22, then 11. I will give myself the first mile to go too fast before I plan to settle down into my pace. I wonder what other peoples' plans are.

    Wardi all the best with Frankfurt.

    LOL YP, Muckles and bornagain, lots of friends just don't get the distances and Muckles, I fully understand the endless need to talk about it.

    Funny worry I have......after the 20th I know there will be the euphoria, then by mid week I will dip and wish it wasn't all over....any tips on post marathon blues would be appreciated.....I have a massage and chiropody appt booked, then nice w/e away in Northumberland but know I willl still feel low....

    Have a good and safe day all.

  • Hi Lily - glad your on the mend.

    I optimistically said 3.49 that was after Manchester euphoria, it would be even pace but as we know after 20 miles is a twilight zone. I'm now at the self doubt stage, is this to fast will I burn out at 20, if I don't go for it, will I regret it. Have I done enough training, if I did was it good enough quality to give a chance, can my body take it will I pull a muscle etc..

    I will probably try to go over the start line near the 3.56 pacer, take it easy for first couple of miles,then push on. If the pacer catches me up, like the grim reaper not quite), I'll know to get a wiggle on to beat my PB which is 3.55, if I can. So top target 3.49, 2nd target PB, 3rd target under 4. There I've said it. Is this really happening next Sunday Yikes.

    Keep fit and healthy everyone

  • Morning everyone

    Thanks for the support with the 'likes', much appreciated!

    Glad you're feeling more positive Lily.

    Muckles - I know exactly what you mean.  I can't believe I've found myself saying 'only' 12 miles on Sunday!

    Skd14 - you'll smash that target image

  • Skd14 are you actually inside my head? You've described my thought processes EXACTLY, with the same times and everything. I might just follow you on race day, sounds like you've sorted it all out for me! 

    I have revised my goals downwards and plan on setting off at no faster than 8.50m/m which will be enough to give me a PB if I can hold on. I have accepted the fact that I haven't done enough consistent training for a GFA of 3.49 but anything better than 3.57 will be a PB so I have plenty still to aim at. 

    Glad you are ok Lily, think it is wise to stay at home on the sofa for the next 11 days! My tip would be to sign up for another race, something different and fun but with no pressure - I did the Leeds Christmas 10k last year after Kielder and it was a cracking race on a lovely sunny winter's day, marshalls wearing santa hats and shaking sleigh bells and mince pies at the finish. Highly recommended image 

    I am actually falling apart at the moment, have extremely sore foot, tight calf, niggly thigh, plus I couldn't run at the weekend because I was ill etc etc. Tapering is going swimmingly...

    Going to spend the rest of my lunchtime plotting the route on Good Run Guide (for no useful reason, it just adds to the excitement of race day build-up!) 

    We've all come so far, and run so many miles - we are nearly there! Pass me the cotton wool/loft insulation. 

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