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  • "fool proof" already quotes are beyond me!!image

  • Thanks.  I'll take a look at that.  I'm after a general idea of what sort of sessions I need to be doing and distances etc. rather than a programme with a rigid structure.  Previous experience tells me I generally do too much too soon and get injured so I'm planning on doing plenty of conditioning and preventative work.

    Also considering joining a club but have recently moved to York so unsure what's out there.  Any recommendations?

  • Medals, great pb at Manchesterimage I would love to do sub 5. Last year at Manc I did 5hrs 17 and added 5 mins to my time at Sunderland! I had been unwell in the week leading up to the run and also went too fast in the first half. It was a struggle to finish and I hope for better things at Yorkimage

    Hills, I have heard of the Knavesmire Harriers, maybe worth trying.

  • how is everyone? I ran 10 miles from Overton to the Millenium Bridge and back along the river in York on Friday and now have an injury on the side of my footimage despite that it was a lovely run! Just heard the Marathon of the North I ran in April was 264m short of the marathon distance. Gutted to those wanting GFA for London or if it was their marathon pb but surprisingly I am not too bothered myself. It was a very difficult day for me anyway. I am looking forward now to preparing for York....image

  • I've had a great running weekend, image it has been a privelege and pleasure.

    Parkrun yesterday a tad windy (the weather) but warm quite a fast time for me 22.23, I was supposed to be taking it easy. Hull is the probably the fastest parkrun in the country, as many parkrun tourists record best anywhere times here.

    Today Beverley 10k, great organisation (thanks Beverley AC) a good course town centre and across the Westwood, well supported (the event sells out in days) 1400 entrants, medal and tech t-shirt, I don't run for such goodies, it's a personal challenge for me, they are appreciated and good quality. I started strongly and kept a good pace but I did fade in the last mile but a PB of 46.41 by nearly 3 mins. It's the marathon training and I've not done a 10k for some months. It was the best I could do on the day, until next time!

    I've downloaded an ASICS 3 running days a week plan for York, it seems to have a high number a runs at a pace I don't usually train at, still thinking about it.

    Hull 10k next Sunday

  • well done skd14 on your weekend of running, know what you mean about it being a privelegeimage I rested over the w/e, just cycled with my daughter running yesterday, as have foot injury. Just been for 4.4 mile run with a friend and could feel the foot. Hate resting ....but maybe need to take time for it to recover.

  • Lily recover well come, back stronger but it's frustrating when you've got an injury. I'm no expert a few days rest is usually a good idea.

    Similar training week to last week, 3 runs 6,6 & 8, gym and bike, 2 days rest. The running should include parkrun and 10k race Sunday. Just ticking over before I start the serious stuff only 159 training days to go until 20.10.13

    Just off for the first 6 miles on a bright sunny morning in East Yorkshire.

  • Hills - Advanced AMrathoning by Pfitzinger & Douglas is the bible for marathon training.  Even if you don't follow the plans they have really good explanations of marathon specific exercise physiology and training components.  I think it really helps when you understand the purpose of every session - helps me to run the hard sessions hard and the easy sessions, well, easily.

    Lily - Might be worth giving the calves a going over.  Sometimes footpain is referred from there...sometimes anyway.

  • thanks skd14 and Rob, good point about the calves. No running for me today, so have been out in the garden. Plan to rest foot till w/e, but it may be hard to wait that long! image

  • Lily I hope your foot is better.

    Just got e-tickets for hols in June, marathon training starts proper in July. I may follow Manchester intermediate plan again, it worked last time. Getting up to 42 miles per week is all my knees can stand.

    Running 3 times per week at the moment, 20+ miles, plus bike and gym if I can get motivated.

    Had a good running week parkrun PB sub 22 at 21.54, it was a good running morning overcast with no wind, well pleased.

    I ran the Hull 10k or as it was yesterday the Hull 9k, I was disappointed because I thought with the course and ideal conditions I was going for sub 45, as it was I managed 40.10 but I wasn't as committed as I would have been on a 10k. Still a good event, with the offer of a £10 entry for next year. The course was shortened due to a pedestrian bridge on the marina being stuck in an upright position.


  • Thanks skd14 foots lots better, gradually starting to run again. Sounds good mixing your running with some other exercise. Well done on your park run pb. I could not believe it when I read about the Hull 10k being shortened! I ran the Marathon of the North that we since found out was 264 metres too short. So I feel for you. Shame they could not have created another km somewhere. I have entered the Leeds 10k with my daughter so hope that is the correct distance!

  • You all seem to be well in advance of my training...

    first marathon for 5 years. Best of 3.46 but hoping for a sub 4hr at York...I'm a bit older now.

    Just done harewood 10k in just over 50 min so lots of work to do. Just trying to get back used to running 3/4 times a week before starting the real stuff in July...

    Keep,up the good posts.....

  • Welcome Ap66, well done on the 10k, we are a bit older but no wiser as I seem to have become a serial marathoner having completed 6 so far and running 40 miles a week seems normal. How did that happen! When you always say after or during the first marathon never again!

    Still plenty of time for York build up gradually, the advice seems to be increase by a max of 10% per week. Stay healthy and enjoy the experience.

    Ap66 Have you a plan to follow and any races penciled in?

    Lily: Mike Tomlinson has acted in a decisive way on the Hull 10k(9k), apologised but not his fault, promised to change the course for next year and offered all those running yesterday entry for next year at £10. I still had a good run just adjusted my target, there will be another 10k to chase a PB.

    I ran the Hull marathon last year as well which was also short by quite a distance,(yes one of the 6) I still thought I had completed a marathon despite what was said. I  think it's listed on Power of 10 as NAD near as dammitt for GFA/qualifying purposes, not that affects most people.


  • Probably going to follow a runners world intermediate schedule.also thought about a 3 run a week plan which might suit. I will decide closer to 16 weeks to go..

    planning a half at end of August in fleetwood. 

    Will do park run on a Saturday when I can just for a faster run. Wetherby 10k in September.

  • I take it you're near Wetherby, AP. There are lots of lovely races round that area, including the Wetherby 10k. Spofforth 10k is a nice one, as is the Bramham 10k. Guy Fawkes 10 is good, with a fab goody bag - 9 bars of chocolate, a technical shirt and a bottle of water. Might be a bit too soon after the marathon though - it's a tough one.

    The Appley Bridge Canter is supposed to be great, although I've not done that one. 

    Which parkrun do you do?

  • Roundhay ( when I'm not golfing)

    tried to find a pre marathon half in yorkshire but can't seem to find one


  • Ap66 pre marathon half I'm running Major Stone half at Lockington near Driffield on the 8th September, good small scale race, a fair test not flat less than 200 runners.

  • Regards Driffield HM. Does not flat imply hilly or just not as flat as York. 

  • Going to uschedule training schedule as Manchester this year except going to run a lot of my runs up to and along Pilgrims Way to build more leg strength up. Mainly did flat route training for Manchester but want to get more leg strength for York to allow for  a Slightly quicker sustained spell - managed first 23 miles at Manchester at constant pace of 8:38 mins/mile at Manchester want to improve that to 8:34 to go sub 3:45. Ultimate aim in next 4 years is to get sub 3:40 to hit qualifying time for Boston for my age category.

  • welcome Ap66, great to see this thread taking offimage I always find them so supportive and miss them when the event is over. Hi BP, sounds like a good training plan. I have a personalised plan from Julie who designed the Manchester ones as I needed to something to stop me sliding further backwards....5hrs 17 then 5hrs 22....she is helping me plan for 5hrs! Interestingly I feel I approached Manchester my first mara better than Sunderland where I thought it would be easier (!?) as my second!

    Skd14 sounds like Mike T approached it in the best way possible. We did not hear about M of the N till nearly 2 weeks after and have been offered 25% off entry for next year. The runner who came first was the only person to run the correct route...we are still left wondering where the rest of us went wrong!

    Nykie, thanks for all that info about local runs. Thanks also Johnny, a half mara in Sept sounds like a good idea.....maybe one year I'll get into GNR!

    Back running gently after foot injury, hard work but feels goodimage

  • Where are the hills? wrote (see)

    Also considering joining a club but have recently moved to York so unsure what's out there.  Any recommendations?

    Hi Hills.

    I joined York knavesmire harriers a few years ago now, and my running went from strength to strength.  They are a friendly bunch, loads of options for training.  Take a look at the website - www.yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk

    You won't regret it! 

  • Driffield HM not flat means steady ups and downs more than York it's the Wolds not the Pennines or Dales, I live near Hull so the biggest hills round here are bridges.

  • Hi, What's everyone up to?

    Another quiet week here, planned to run, 6,6,5,10 this week plus bike a day, parkrun tomorrow I volunteered as well, I quite enjoy it, good chat with fellow athletes.

    Building up for the Cross Bay Challenge across Morecambe bay did it last year, tough but very different, back for round 2.

  • Wow. That makes me feel lazy....

    i did an 8, 3 days off then a 6. No park run tomorrow I'm golfing.....got to get my a**e in gear

  • Hello, just found this thread. Looking forward to York, I've done Brighton, Chester and London and all were special, but this looks a good one.

    I'm not really sure what to do with training, I'm still a bit tired after London but would love to improve my time (4.57). 

  • Well done on London etc... York will be a great event..

    quite a few on here are following an Asics training plan. I have just printed off a 16 week plan from runners world and have extended it a few weeks at the beginning.

    16 weeks begins early July  


    Take a look at this although with all those martahons under your belt you know what you are doing. I wont follow it rigidly but its a good guide. 

  • Ap66 that one looks really good, thanks. My weakness before has been inability to really stick to any kind of speedwork through marathon training, so I like the idea of structuring in some proper sessions. I'm always dead jealous of people that manage to multi-task in terms of improving at parkrun etc at the same time as marathon training; I seem to plod along at one speed!

    I met Mike Tomlinson through running the VLM for Jane's Appeal; they seem really committed to making it a marathon for everyone, so I have high hopes for York.

  • Bornagainrunner wrote (see)
    Where are the hills? wrote (see)

    Also considering joining a club but have recently moved to York so unsure what's out there.  Any recommendations?

    Hi Hills.

    I joined York knavesmire harriers a few years ago now, and my running went from strength to strength.  They are a friendly bunch, loads of options for training.  Take a look at the website - www.yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk

    You won't regret it! 

    Thanks for that! What night do you train with them? Both the Tue and Thur sessions are similar to what I've done in the past and the locations are very handy too.

  • Hi Susan,

    I followed the Manchester intermediate plan never ran 5 days a week before, I found the different sessions really useful. Previously I had completed the miles but at easy to medium pace the results improved but following the training plan is more icial and gives you confidence in your prep.

    Parkrun today was sunny and pleased with a 22.06, 10 miles on tracks on the banks of the Humber tomorrow. Then home to watch Manchester 10k as this was my first ever race 5 years ago, didn't know then I would get the bug,  my first 10k took me 59.06 my best so far is now 46.41.

  • Last post should read beneficial not icial.

    Congratulations to all those completing the Manchester 10k many terrific causes benefit and the personal stories are inspiring and quite emotional.

    Running done, gardening done, now soak up the sun in the garden and rest.


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