Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Thanks skd14. I'm following a runners world plan, which worked last year. I stretched the weeks out though, to give me space to ease off when the twinges set in - my knees aren't what they used to be! Yes, I'll try and do more 20 milers, only did one last time and it wasn't enough.  Looking forward to Humber half now.

    Tiny - those words are lovely. It's a fantastic feeling standing at the start, nervous chatter with fellow runners, but everyone is so supportive. Us runners are a nice bunch aren't we?

  • Thanks so much Tiny for taking the time to put those words up. They are greatimage Will try to print them off and stick next to my training plan. I agree Bornagain I love that bit before the start chatting to other runners and with the out and backs at Sunderland I appreciated the fab support from other runners each time we passed and I was just about able in my weary state to encourage runners behind me! Ran with a friend this morning and feel lots better.

  • Just joining the forum if that's ok. Starting training on Wednesday with the Otley 10. Did it last year. Also did the South Cheshire 20 last year, hilly course but not as bad as Spen 20. SC20 is a well organised race. Hope everybodies marathon training is going well.


  • hi Gazza, welcome to the thread. Is York your first mara? Is training going well? image

  • Full of good intentions. My 11 miler didn't happen. Dad taken to hospital after his heart op ( he is fine !!!!!!) not had time for a run since then . Will try for a 6 miler tomorrow before intervals Thursday.

    16 week programme starts soon...

    south Cheshire 20 miler is in my diary, thanks to whoever suggested it

  • Sorry to hear that Ap66, hope your dad is ok.

    Got a garmin and a womens guide to running for my birthday yesterday so I'm all set! Just need to learn how to use the garmin!image

  • Talking of varmints. I have just got a forerunner 110. Dead easy to use but often will not upload runs to computer. Says it cannot find a device. Anyone have the same issue ?

    PS Dad is fine thank you. On the mend !!!

  • Happy birthday for yesterday lily! Enjoy the new garmin......i treated myself to the 410 towards the end of last year and I love it. 

    Not sure about the 110 model Ap66.....have you linked your USB stick to your garmin? (Although I'm not sure if you use the USB with the 110). I'm sure someone will come along soon with better advice.  Glad your Dad is on the mend.

    8 miles for me tonight with 10 x 100m strides......looking forward to it image

  • Welcome Gazza,

    Belated Happy Birthday Lily.

    Ap66 good news on the dad front

    Tiny I have a Garmin Forerunner 305, I use it for distance and pacing the rest is a bit too techy, I can't be bothered it makes my brain hurt.

    A day off for me off to Bev races, a 7 mile race last night unofficial 53.45 fairly flat, pleasant evening, a good run, pleased as I was a bit tired from work but once the kit was on and at the start line, you have to give it a go, it's the law.

    I'm looking forward to the weekend in Morecambe for my next trip across the sands oh and rivers and mud, great. 




  • Happy birthday Lily. Great presents! I have the Garmin 405, 3 yrs old now, and my best friend! I have it set to tell me the speed I'm running at, elapsed time and distance. It really helps me to keep my speed down in races when I often get carried away and set off too fast. I did a vets race at Pudsey last night, really hilly, but told myself it was doing me good! 

  • thanks Tiny, Skd14 and Bornagain. Think my garmin is the 110, just been up the garden to set it! Quick question...if you press start and want to stop and reset (without saving) how do you do that? I agree Bornagain about it hopefully helping me keep my speed down at the beginning of a race and the other positives you describe. Hope it will help! Hills are good (well that is what I keep telling myself!) image

  • Don't think you can but you can delete it after you have done your next upload.

    think you can also delete from the menu on the watch

  • Bev races, first 6 winners, 5 female jockeys, you girls rock. No I've never been so successful before ever. 6 miles run AM tomorrow, two miles fartlek, rest steady pace.

  • Ap 66 I used to have the same Garmin (now have the 405) and not recognising the device is a common issue. I found that it was generally a loose connection between the watch contacts and the little clip that holds the watch while uploading. So a little jiggling then press upload (sometimes quite a few times) and it would work......eventually.


    To improve the contacts I would also wipe the back of the watch after every run with a damp cloth, as it can get sweaty which can seem to also cause a poor connection.

  • Hello Lily and skd14

    Lily - I've done 5 marathons although 4 of them were a number of years ago. Did Edinburgh last year in 3h 48m and wasn't happy with that, but only managed to get 9 weeks training in due to injury. Not been running much since then, so feel as though i'm starting running from the beginning again.

    Did just 7 miles last night, then did the Otley 10mile race tonight (hilly), finished in 1h 21m (approx) so can't complain. Aiming for a 3h 30m (ish) marathon so we'll see.

    How is everybody else getting with their training?



  • THat's a great time for the Otley 10 Gazza, especially when not run on fresh legs, well done!  You've got plenty of time to get lots of quality training in for York so hopefully you should get your goal of 3h 30.

    THe 8 miles with strides went well last night.  JUst a couple of easy runs for the next few days as I've got the mother of all races on Sunday.....a road half-marathon that's 13.5miles long and has over 2000ft of ascent! Total leg shredder, but will be so pleased when it's done.

    Hope everyone's well.

  • thanks for the garmin info, plan to use it for the first time tomorrow, so will see how it goes! Gazza Edinburgh is a tough one isn't it, often hot and doubles back  a lot? I did the half 3 years ago, found it very hard and really felt for the marathoners.Are you following a plan this time. I have run 2 marathons and this time have opted for a personalised plan that starts next week. Hope to run York in 5!image

    Tiny, where is hilly (or should I say mountainous!) half you are running, good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Tiny - Thanks for the comments. Hope the Half (sounds a tough one) goes well.

    Lily - Printed the Runnersworld 3h 30m plan so will look to follow that. How do you get a personalised plan? That could work better than a generic plan to get your 5h target. Edinburgh course was ok, but never really like course that double back, plus it was about 70 degrees last year aswell.

  • Gazza, I have a plan designed by Julie whose beginners plan I followed from the Manchester marathon website. Just felt I needed some expert help to prevent my marathon times from getting slower and slower.......5hrs 17, then 5hrs 22! She believes I can do 5. The plan looks varied and interesting but can't believe I start it next week. I have gone for 18 weeks to allow for less training while on summer hols.

    Used my garmin for the first time this morning, loved the beeps every mile. Now need to work out how to upload to computer!

  • Thanks for the good luck wishes.  The race is called the Hendon Brook half-marathon (even though it's longer than half-marathon distance.......grrr!).  I'm still a bit petrified but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself once I've got started image.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • My training a taking a bit of a rest - off to The Picos mountains in Northern Spain for a week of walking. Running shoes going too though! Happy long run folks. image

  • Oh dear, just got in from long slow run and my Garmin is refusing to upload the run. And after I've been singing its praises too! Have tried a forced send, the data is sending, but then the Ant says upload failed. Any suggestions anyone? I wonder if it is on its way out - over 3 years old, takes ages to find the satellites too.  Hubby did say I can have a new one for my birthday ... 

  • Hi all, this is not the Yorkshire Marathon but there is a great 10k Challenge run in the Peak District this summer!

    So, why not step up your summer fitness plan and don your running shoes this July to support Alive & Kicking- a UK registered charity who makes affordable & durable sports balls to innovatively address real need in Africa. 

    Saturday, 6th July 2013 marks the sixth anniversary of the 10k Challenge. Since 2008 small charities and their supporters have travelled from across the UK to run, walk or even stilt walk the 10km or 4km route through the beautiful Peak District.

    Join Team A&K and we’ll give you heaps of ideas on how you can raise money…we’ll even throw in a free A&K t-shirt! Whether you come for the day or stay the weekend, it’s a great summer event and an enjoyable way to fundraise for a great cause.

    Registration is completely free! Simply sign up here http://challengerunners.eventbrite.co.uk/

    For more info about the challenge visit http://www.smallcharitychallenge.org/#all

    For more information about Alive & Kicking, simply visit our website.

  • Well, I did it!! If anyone like a good old race report, I've done one here

    Bornagainrunner - have a brilliant time in Spain, enjoy the break image

  • thanks for sharing that Tiny, loved reading your report, fantastic achievement. Hope you are having a deserved rest and cake (or should I say pork pie?!) today image. I have just been out for 4.2 miles with a friend and seemed to go faster with my beeping garmin to motivate me but then forgot to press reset before enthusiastically plugging into the computer so seem to have lost the data! Will take me a while to get the hang of my new toy!


  • Well done Tiny, great achievement.

    I'm just back from the Cross Bay Challenge, a wet half across Morecambe bay with 400 other like minded souls. It was great, I had a good run pleased with pace and finished feeling strong, time 1.50. Had a great weekend yes in Morecambe, the sun shone, running was good and the scenery of the Lakes breathtaking. Thanks to the organisers and volunteers a well organised event, without you all there is no race.

  • well done Skdimage

    Successfully uploaded my garmin data from my 9.5 mile run, yeh! It was hot and I went out too fast but ran all the way. I wondered if there was a way of setting the garmin to keep you at the right pace? Thanks, Lilyimage

  • Well that is another 7 miles done, warm night aswell.

    Glad to see the Garmin is working well Lily. You can arrange for it to beep whilst you are out, if you are running to fast or to slow. You have to set a fastest and slowest speed and then it will make a sound if your speed is outside of those parameters. It is ok for a while but gets a bit annoying when it beeps most of the time. 

    Hope everybody's training is going well.

  • Forgot to mention that the Morecambe Bay race sounds brilliant skd 14, good time as well.

  • Everyone seems to be training well..

    going out for an hour at Roundhay while my daughter is rowing tonight.

    long run 11 miles planned for Sunday...then 16 week programme starts next week....

    im new to garmins too.........takes them a while to find a  satellite !!!!!!!!!

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