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Just joined yesterday am in training for my first Marathon (Manchester) really looking foward to it any tips /advice on how to be prepared, the miles i should be putting in leading up to the day would be greatfully appreciated,i have ran 10k runs before but just going straight in and going for the marathon ,i am running about 20 miles a week at the moment but should probably be doing more.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hi Steve, have a look at the plans on this site.  For a marathon you'll be looking at about 16 weeks preparation, so you'll need to start now (if I'm right in thinking Manchester is in April).

    Your going to have to up your mileage considerably, as you'll want to get some 20 mile long runs into your training and this run shouldn't make up the majority of your weekly mileage.

    Personal experience (one marathon completed & training for second - so not that experienced!) is that you really need to put the effort into the training.  Whilst you can "bluff" a 10k race and just hang on for the last couple of miles, the marathon distance needs to be respected.

  • Hi mate,I am a fairly keen runner,the furthesr distance I have ran is around 11miles last summer i normally do around 6 miles everytime i go out,which is around 3 times a week so am planning to up the miles,am just trying to get it in my head that i need to do 26 and over thinking it i think,am ay a running club which I joined just recently so that has been good to get in the speed work. Thanks for your advice.
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