First sportive entered

Just signed up to my first sportive in June. Its the cotswold classic throught evans ride it.

just need to join a local club and get training.

Anyone done this ride last year? Any pointers to start with training?



  • Partly depends on your goals.   To get round it you just need to build up your distance so you know you can ride say 100 miles or whatever it is.  

    If you want to get round it quickly then it will help if you are confident riding with others and have a good level of fitness - both of which you can get from doing a regular weekend group training ride - ask around and see what there is in your area - ride with the best riders you can keep up with.  

  • +1 with pops on what your goals are

    for sure if it's in the Cotswolds it won't be flat and those hills will drain you as the day wears on, although the info does say "Other than one tough climb this is a faster flatter ride with some great stretches of smooth and level roads".  make sure you choose the distance to suit your ability and stamina although pushing a bit futher outside your comfort zone won't harm.

    as for training - get out and ride


  • It's a dual event, 100k or 100mi where you can decide along the route whether you wish to do the long or short diatance and break around the 55mi mark.

    It's a great route/event, The longer route has some killer hills towards the end around the Stroud/Minchinhampton area.

    Either do loads of hill repeats or make sure you have gearing to get up hills, Lots of Triples on the day or 28's or higher on the rear

    I did it in 2011, had a great time and didn't know anyone in my group, very friendly bunch. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  • thanks guys

    Goals are to get round in a good time, say in top half would be nice. I have choose the 100KM route.

    I plan to get out on sunday mornings for longer rides which will include hills.

    Will have a look at local clubs tonight and see whats about

  • Depends where you live in Bristol, but two nice slopes to practice on are Tog Hill (A420) or Westerleigh hill from Emersons Green to Westerleigh Crematorium 

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