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  • Great to see that I'm in Group 1 and LB is in Group 4, but couldn't you have put her in 5 so that she is as far away from me as possible.  I really ccan't be doing with heaing her gobby voice all day

    I'll have a root through the stuff that came back from Mudchute last year.  I think I have cable ties and balloons but not sure how many.

  • Ooh Rodent no thanks! I HATE bananas!! I just thought I was meant to be bringing stuff from the list for general give out! Have I misunderstood? Sorry x
  • SuperCaz - it's better for me coz I won't have to run so far to hug you both! image

    *goes back to see which group Sister Bad Habit is in*

  • Ok got Jelly Babies, jaffa cakes and paper plates on shopping list.

    Will be going to Expo at some point on the Saturday so will call and see if anything to collect from Runners World stand. Will also bring my camera down. If you'd like me to bring anything else just shout image or write on here as may not hear youimage
  • Sister Bad Habit wrote (see)

    I knowimage

    Right - threads are up - go and play nicely please. 


    I don't know if I am being stoopid but I can't find other (group specific?) threads?

    I can do pickups from Expo Thursday and / or Friday

    Also, I am in Group 2 and Ecky is in Group 5 and I'd really like to support her...can one of us swap?


  • Awwwwww Louise, I'm so happy that you ant to support little old me.

    I didnt want to mess up the list but please could I swap image

  • image I want to meet Teddy too


  • image

    I know this is a really daft question but do people take crazy costumes and things on the Tube. I have mailed them about TREV the Teddy to make sure I can take him on there as he is so big.

  • People take all sorts of stuff on the Tube - I would hope a Teddy would be allowed!

  • Thanks Vixx. I assumed that people did take stuff but I also didn't want to get it there and have him confiscated. My whole fundraising mission revolves around running with him.

    I'm so sad we even have matching running vests.image

  • Awwww. That's not sad. 

  • I took half a dozen bamboo canes last year, and I thought I might get into trouble with them because of the possibility of taking someones eye out. I was also carrying knives in my bag, and scissors.

    Nobody cares to be honest, but you might upset a few people if you travel at peak time so I would aim to get there a little earlier than you would otherwise. 



  • Thanks for the advice Supercaz. I don't want to annoy anyone by taking up too much room.

  • Do you get to keep the bear afterwards or is he the property of a charity?  You might find people less forgiving when you take him home and tired runners can't get a seat.

  • He is not that big that I can either have him on my knee or I will just stand with him. He wont need to take up a seat. I don't think he is so big that he will cause too much of a problem with that. I will have to take him home though as he was donated to me for my own Charity fund and I will hopefully be using him again at other races.




  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Hi folks, is it too late to sign up as a runner?

    I've got family and friends coming along and i was relying on them for supplies along the way but after studying maps and times etc I'm now panicking that I'll miss them completely - needles, haystacks ...
  • Stilts, its never too late.  If SBH doesn't assign you to a group within the next few days then you are welcome to join Group 1.  There are always a few people who jump on board at the last minute

  • Just to clarify, I know that SBH is very busy at the moment so might not be able to check on here every day, but I don't want to tread on her toes either.

  • OK message from SBH.  She is completely snowed under and has put me in charge for a few days *insert evil laughter here*  You will all do as I say or else!

    Stilts, come over to Group 1.

    Ecky, by all means swap to Group 2 to be with Louise.  Can you let Group 5 know that you are abandoning them, and introduce yourself on the Group 2 thread, telling them that I sent you.

    There are individual threads for all the groups, but the forum moves so quickly at this time of the year so you might need to hunt way down the list.  I recommend that you bookmark your group once you have found it and post regularly to help to keep it at the top.

  • Supercaz in that case will let you know some folk from my running club may turn up at the supporters side of mile 17. If they do put them to good use! There maybe 3 of them. I'm supporting so ill recognise them image
  • Sorry guys but just to reiterate what SuperCaz has said - she's taking over my learned robes for now life has sort of taken over me a bit at the minute and it's unlikely I shall be around very much at all in all honesty. Caz, could you look after the wee Group 5's for me as well my love? Just make sure they know about pink fizz and ginimage I'm so sorry peeps xx
  • Thanks Supercaz, image

  • SBH, we will certainly make sure that there is a bottle or two for you.  Do you need a glass?

    Claire, the more the merrier.  There is always a need for floaters to go between the groups and to help out where needed.  especially with making sure that the supply of cake and fizz to the supporters doesn't run dryimage

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    That's fab Supercaz thanks image
  • Ecky - well, we'll be able to spot you image. I once saw a woman with a basket of (live) meerkats on the Tube, I don't think you'll have any problems...
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    Breaking news....due to radical adjustment I'll be the one wearing a Macmillan vest and carrying an (MY) Olympic torch...time adjustment down to 4hr plus from happens (Medical kick up the $£se which has blown plans out of the water) and this is a good way to deal with it. Get your cameras (and pound coins for Macmillan ready) and I'll stop so anyone who wants to hold my torch (Ooooh errr missus)grab a pic etc. can. Keep the faith, run your run,be happyimage

  • I'm hoping I get spotted by someone RR. I am raising awareness of a very rare disease so London is more about that than a brilliant time although I have been training hard too image

    Straycelt, sorry to hear your plans have changed due to medical issues but what an amazing Charity to run for. They helped us a few years ago and we couldn't have coped so well without them. I would say that I would love to hold hold the Torch but I wont be that fast image

  • *makes a mental note to look for a girl with a Teddy and a guy with a Torch*

  • Or a Teddy with a Torch image

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