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  • Can any of the supporters bring along any of the following?  I could bring most of it but I will now be bringing the banners and they weigh a ton so any help would be appreciated.

    Large Balls of String x 2
    Scissors x 2
    Sharp Knife x 2
    Swiss Army Knife
    Gaffer Tape x 2
    Bamboo Canes
    Red/White striped tape, for fencing off our area

  • And most important question of all, what cake should I bring?  I will warn you that it will be gluten free and I've only had one attempt at GF baking which was a reasonable imitation of a ginger cake.  So supporters, any preference?

  • Any cake is good cake and whatever it is I am sure it will be delicious and taste far better than anything I could bake. image (I am expecting extra cake now just for being a creep!)

    I'll get hold of some red and white tape as I'm going to be there early so can fence off the area. I'll also get cable ties for the banners.

    Definitely like the jelly baby bagging plan...

    Shall I get some disposable bowls to put some of them in as its easier to grab from the bowl when running past (not sure why I say that knowingly as I've never actually run past.... More of an amble)

  • Sorry, off topic. I can't stomach pasta so need somewhere where I can get a jacket potato on Saturday after expo. Anyone know anywhere that is not gng to mind me taking up a table just for a jacket potato? I know I can get one at TGI but also know they will be heaving! I will be staying at a hotel near Euston.
  • We usually put the jelly babies and jaffa cakes in bags.  The runners can grab a whole bag and eat them at their leisure.  If you put them in bowls then you tend to find that they get knocked out of your hands.

    The plates are mainly for preparing food rather than serving it up.  They make good chopping boards for the bananas and oranges


    Sorry, I can't advise on places to eat Liberty.

  • Hi, I might be able to make this now. image

    Cambridge weekend is off - no money. image

    Chucking my job in before I've got another one. image

  • Hi Soupy, it would be great to see you.  Sorry about not having any money though image

  • Still hoping to get to Macclesfield though. 

  • You will.  We'll do it on a budget.  Homemade picnic in the hotel room and we can share transport if you can get to me

  • can i run a 5 mile race this week before the marathon next week will it do me any harm
  • can i do a 5mile race a week before the marathon
  • Don't see why not, especially if you treat it as a training run rather than an A race

  • Liberty - if TGI works for you, there's one at the 02. Hop on the cable car from ExCel, it's a 5 minute ride. From there you can get the Jubilee line back into town. Shouldn't be as busy as central London.
  • whats that got to do with running
  • i've asked if i can race and your talking about catching a bus you must be a bird
  • Not a bus. A cable car.
  • Funnily enough, other people ask questions on here too.  Hmm, self centred and can only do one thing at a time.  Must be a bloke

  • Lol!! Thank you Running Rodent!! I seem to have spent the last few days downloading every menu in London!!! Cable car sounds quite exciting!! Is it really a cable car? In the air and everything!?? Lol x
  • Do you remember the image of Boris Johnson dangling from a cable at the Olympics??? it's like that!! Lol.
  • I looked it up!!!! Worth a trip to London just for that image can you tell I don't get off the Island much?!?!? Lol x
  • I haven't been on it, but yes, it's a real cable car. It's part of the London transport system too, so if you have an Oyster card you can use that to pay for it.

    And, er, yes, fishface2, you can do a 5 mile race before a marathon. But I wouldn't recommend racing it flat out.
  • So could you use a 1 day travel card?
  • should i do a 5 mile race or catch a bus
  • I've been on that cable car, was a really long queue but it quickly disappeared.
  • is this a marathon thread or a london transport idiot i dont how to get about thread i wonder
  • A lot of people don't live in London, like me so please don't refer to us as idiots. I would say this is a general thread that yes includes questions that aren't about running, but people can ask anything they want so everyone knows answers to their questions taking away any extra stresses. As to some of us running a marathon is a very big task. So I apologise if non running talk upsets you.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    We went on the cable car last time we were in London, it's good fun!

    On the subject of food, a few years ago another forumite took me to Stockpot near Trafalgar Square, do you know it RR?

    It was real school dinner stuff, but we got spaghetti bolognese starter, a big dinner and a slab of cake for a tenner and we were in and out in less than an hour.

  • Dear ff

    If you'd care to check back, this thread is specifically to deal with logistics for a named group of runners and supporters for this year's London Marathon. For generic questions re 'should I go for a run today', the Beginners or Training threads might suit you better.
  • it dont upset me far from it
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