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  • Got my number and magazine loads of useful stuff in it :0)
  • Got mine too. Just a quick question.... How do I know what coloured start i will be at?
  • God I'm so utterly shit I never even look on this.....

    Just tell me what to bring, when to be there and who to squeeze SBH image

  • LB - You need to squeeze ME! (Or at least push me in the general direction of the finish line) image

  • Now THAT I can manage!

  • liberty6201 wrote (see)
    Got mine too. Just a quick question.... How do I know what coloured start i will be at?

    You're race number is on the registration form.

    If you read page 43 -45 of the magazine it'll tell you what numbers start where.

  • Lol I missed that page totally!! I looked up on the Internet and totally panicked myself that blue starts were all elite runners (I'm looking at 6 hours!!). Thank you for info. I have stopped panicking now!
  • I'm just panicking about getting to start thinking about using the clipper boat to Greenwich instead of tube anyone tried this option of getting there would it be less stressful :0)
  • Bradders I must admit I was thinking of that.... Got to find out where I booked a hotel first!!!
  • Liberty - I am starting from Blue and I am not fast at all.... I'm looking at about 5hr 30 image

  • I'm up at Westminster near finish think I can jump on board not far from hotel don't like the idea of the tube been told it get a bit mental on there lol
  • Thames Clippers are running a special express service to Greenwich on the day, which is within walking distance of the start.

    Advantage will be that you're guaranteed a seat (and there are toilets on board). Disadvantage would be that once it's full, it's full, and there's no telling how busy they'll be.
  • Got my reg pack through the post yesterday, will have a read through tonight.

    Really looking forward to this now, hopefully I can nail a sub 3:30 time but that's not important I'm just going to enjoy the day.

  • Hi All, hope everyone's training is going well! Sorry not been around its been crazy busy here, no idea where the time is going! Just glad not had to fit training in too.

    If I need to bring anything on the day let me know. image
  • Fuzzyvixx , glad to hear it xxx image now for stupid question 372 from me..... Does anyone know if the pasta at the pasta party is hot or cold? I can't bear cold pasta!!
  • SBH I am going to be a little busy from Wednesdayimage , can you let me know when teams will be allocated or have I missed it?

  • liberty - I think it's warm at most. :S

  • Vixx, blue start is elites, celebrities and gawjuss people.

    Guess what start I started from? image
  • The same one as me?image

  • I am on a Blue start but Im no elite. I was worried I had been put in the wrong bit. I am sure I put at least 5 h down.

  • I am not elite, or good-looking or a celebrity. I shall be starting at the back and enjoying my day image

  • Hi all, I'm doing the London marathon for charadeeee in a few weeks and for the
    first time I have family coming to watch, this is rare as they work weekends but
    have booked this off ages ago.

    I want to make sure all goes well with
    them watching so they know exactly where to go etc.

    Ideally they'd like to see me pass 3 times, I've stated tower bridge at mile 12 as a good one, maybe the first as they are staying at a hotel near the London eye in the same
    location. Then obviously near the end too maybe corner where Buckingham palace
    is mile 26. But the 3rd spot not sure.

    So what im trying to do is give
    them step by step instructions so they dont get lost and can get to each point
    easily, they can if need be jump in a taxi between spots as there will be 5 of
    them. I'd prefer to avoid tubes etc as they will get confused I know.

    Can any London dwellers help with suggestions thanks,  I'll probably be doing 11 minute miles and cross the start line
    about 10.15am.

    Its a special occasion with grandparents coming so just
    want to make it a great day for them.



    Anyone mind if we move this event back until June, a little behind on training image


  • Think there will be a few of us a bit behind on training so looking forward to the atmosphere :0)
  • Don't know if I agree or disagree Hope! I'm also behind on my training but the thought of another few months of running ruling my life is too much!!! Am sure the atmosphere will get us all round :0)
  • Eckytump and fuzzyvixx , since we all have times between 5-6 hours maybe blue start is actually for the slowest of the slow!!
  • Fuzzyvixx, Im none of those either so like you, I'm just going to enjoy the day. I still cant believe I am actually guna do the London Marathon eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

    I am behind in training too especially as we have tonnes of snow now too.

  • LB is winding you all up, and quite sucessfully by the look of itimage

    Blue start is ballot and club places.  The front of the pack will be fast but the back of the pack will include some runners aiming for 5-6 hours.

    Red start is Charity places so tends to be slower and has all the people in costumes and those who intend to walk it all.

    Green start is celebrities and good for age.  Elite start at the front of the green start but have their own assembly point I believe (with flushing toilets - I know because I have used them!).

  • As for being divided into teams, I believe that SBH is intending to allocate teams shortly.  Please can everyone set up their profile to accept messages as your team leaders will need to be able to get in contact with you privately, unless you don't mind the whole world knowing your personal details.

  • Ah, thats why then as I got my place through my running club. I am running with a Giant Teddy on by back though so will be run/walking it all.

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