Help Needed

I have my training plan laid out in excel, well, I have what I can do on what day and my rest days, holidays etc pencilled in, now I need to work out the intensity etc, my goal is the Ironman in Bolton.

Is anyone willing to have a look at this and give me suggestions, I am looking at the Fink intermediate plan, and will need to incorporate this around my schedule.

My swim is improving and my running is terrible having not ran since 2000 after a number of knee operations, but it is slowly improving, bike is fine, I have plenty of routes etc and can deal with the increasing mileage etc, just after an experienced pair of eyes to look at my schedule and recoil in horror



  • So long as you can get around the swim before cut off - I'd always focus on the bike.  

    Its the biggest part of the day and a lot of folk arent used to the distance. 

    You can walk a marathon in 6.5 hours anyway. 

  • I have a bike background, well I did have and have done the distance before, just a matter of trying to work out what is going to work for me, I am going to do the training based on time as well.

    I suppose I am just panicking.... a lot!


  • If you have the fink book, then he covers heart rate intensities there.

    His method is not briliant (hr - age etc) .

    However the z1-5 concept is what you need. endurance corner (gordo) or joe friel's blogs cover this. also see going long etc

    Your long rides/ runs should be at easy -steady (upper z1 to z2)

    Add an interval session on the bike once a week

    Other runs genweally at steady

    Maybe add a tempo bike, or a steady medium bike etc

    Remember you are training for a 12 hour day..... You can't do that if you hr is at 180(or 160 for me......) i bike at 130-140 but thats person specific, and i found that following a hr functional test per friel
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