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Hi all,

I need some assistance i have just moved to the UK from South Africa two months ago, i Reside in Dorchester and would like some advice on running clubs in the area i could join......i am planning on running the London and Bournemouth marathons as well as a few smaller runs,,,,,Thanks in advance


  • Have a look on the England Athletics website, you can search for clubs in your area.


  • "i am planning on running the London and Bournemouth marathons as well as a few smaller runs"

    In case you don't know - London is one of the most difficult marathons to get a place in - you can't just rock up and do it!!  it involves ballots, charity places, championship places, good for age places and celebrity places - it can be a nightmare for many who fail to get a place year on yearr whilst others seem to get in every year. 

    but entries for most other UK marathons is a lot more straightforward and easier although some do sell out quickly.

  • thanks folks, i am aware that the London marathon is difficult to get into,,

  • Hi Wayne

    Not sure if it's a bit far to travel or not but there are a few running cluns in Poole. I am a member of Poole Runners and we meet at Broadstone every Wednesday for club run, plus there are track sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, Long runs in the Purbecks (generally) on Sundays and various fun-runs etc sandwiched along the way.

    A bit closer to you there is Purbeck Running Club who I think are based in the Swanage area or Egdon Heath Harriers who meet in Weymouth and Dorchester. Just google them and you'll find their websites easily enough. Don't know much about them but I know both clubs are quite big and organise their own races too etc so probably run a similar schedule of activities.

  • @Kirsty Thank you for the reply will look up the clubs....

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