The 9bar Groundhog Marathon

Anyone up for a track marathon? Its looking like its going to be a fun day going round and round image


  • The RD's of this one are fab too and will look after people really well image

  • Best get an entry in then!!

  • With this being on my doorstep it's rude not to, and a nice gentle long run ahead of the Paris Marathon. For those not familiar with Denzil's races and COD RC stand by for a laugh and one of the best value races around!

  • I'm in. Track marathons are great fun and really friendly

    Denzil knows what he is doing organising races so it will be good.

    I believe he is running though so jogging Jon will be RD for the day, a great choice I think,
  • Hellen and Richard - Hope you have March 7th in your diary for 2015 image


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