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I am working on my middle distance times. Specifically 10k but assume my 5k will improve along the way. 5k PB just under 21 min. I haven't run a 10k race for years on flat road. I follow an 8 week schedule as i need structure for motivation. I intend to repeat this with an easy week in between. Without being to specific on each week it generally includes a long run, 2 speed work/tempo sessions and 2 shorter runs. The schedule describes the pace for each run as easy, steady and run. All the long runs say steady so I go about 9 min miles, all the runs to be done easy are obviously recovery runs as they sit after hard sessions but what pace is "run"? I have taken guidance from McMillan and used the recomended pace for steady state runs but it's not what I would consider a comfortable pace! No signs of any injuries or problems yet but would welcome some feedback on the effort level people put into their midweek runs.


  • Ok, this is very simplistic, but it's good enough to give you some basic structure.

    Let's say your 5k pace is 7:00, you need to remember these paces...

    Steady = 8:58

    Tempo = 7:10

    Interval pace = 4:07 per km or 6:41 mile

    Easy runs can be done at your steady pace, but also a bit slower depending on how you feel.

    Long run, at steady pace
    Tempo run at least 20 mins at tempo pace.
    Speed session at least 5x1k at interval pace, shorten the gap inbetween as they feel more comfortable.

    That should be enough to give you the basic structure until you start seeing some improvement in your race times.

  • Thanks! Are you saying that my 2 mid week runs should be at the same pace as my weekend long run?

    That seems a bit easy?
  • Any other views on this?
  • Any run which is not a specific tempo / speedwork session should be easy. It's there to build the aerobic base and help with recovery. If you push it beyond this you won't recover enough in order to get the most out of your quality sessions.

  • Chubby bloke is right.

    I personally subscribe to the view that you have two quality days a week plus one long run at easy pace. My other weekly runs are at the same pace as the weekly long run.

    My 10K PB is 36:53 and my easy/long run pace is around 7:30 per mile.

    McMillan does seem to have the quicker end of the easy run parameters set too quick. I'd pick somewhere in the middle of your predicted training ranges.

    Perhaps I'm wrong but I always interpreted 'steady runs' to be at a pace between easy and tempo pace. I can't say I do them very often at all. I either do easy pace or tempo pace.

    As for easy pace for someone who runs 21 min 5Ks (circa 6:45 per mile pace), I'd have said that 8:30 pace per mile would be about right. 9-10:00 min mile pace would be more recovery pace I'd have thought.

    Your easy paced runs should be fully conversational and no more than 80% of max heart rate at the very outside. My average BPM on easy paced runs is around 145-150 where my maximum HR is around 187-190.




  • Thanks all.

    I appreciate the feed back.
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