As the title says is anybody on here entered into this event?

After doing the Tough Guy Challenge a few times I spotted this in the RW mag, Looks incredible!! I beleive construction is allready underway for the course?

Anybody done anything similar over a similar distance? 

20 miles and 200 obstacles seems a really tough ask, The 20 miles alone must be hard enough?

Any advice or replies would be greatly received






  • Hi Luke,


    I'm going, I've done a few marathons before and a few assault courses, but not together. As I've said to a few other people I would imagine the pace won't be paricularly quick given the number of obstacles but I could be wrong.


    I personally am just trying to get some miles on my legs and using the a - frame thing at the local pack to do all sort of arm exercises etc. think this is meant to test every part of your body not just your legs!



  • Hi Mark,

    Yes I think your right, When I did the Tough Guy event I was in the 3rd wave and it was really crowded for the first 4-5 mile, I have never done this sort of distance so this alone will be a big challenge for me personally.

    Really looking forward to it tho, Should be a great weekend!

    Im doing similar at the local park, Also doing a lot of shallow river runs etc, The shock to the body was really harsh in the tough guy, Im sure on the advert for this event there is some sort of swim involved too??

    Hope to see you there mate

  • Hi Luke,

    I'm expecting this to be amazing, looked at Tough Guy and similar runs before but they seemed comparatively expensive when compared to this beast.Like you say there'll be a few tailbacks at the intial few obstacles until the course thhins out, think this may well be a race that calls for a lot of co-operation 

    There is a water section, remember reading about a reservoir or something similar. If you look on the website there is a rough description of each zone. 

    I'm just training as and when I can around jobs and children. The course does sound like they've got everything covered including 150m of monkey bars, don't think we have and that long so it'll just be going backwards and forwards at the park!!!

    What wave are you in?


  • Got a team of ten doing this with me..cant wait

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