Six Marathons in six days tv programme on Sky tb

Hi Guys I caught the tail end of this programme advertised on a sky channel which got suddenly turned over & now I can't find it & I really want to see it, I think its on tomorrow weds at 9pm has anyone else seen it what channel is it on please it's driving me crazy! :0(


  • Oh no I was hoping someone else had seen this advertised & could help. I'd be noe thinking it was a figure of my imagination if my hubby hadn't seen it too! the only thing is he didn't get any more details than me! :0(x
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Just used the onli e search engine for sky tv... Nothing coming back under searches for either 'marathon' 'running' or 'six'. Shame, sounds like a good programme!
  • Hi Mr F. I have just got a bit of a lead its with James Cracknell on Discovery channel but all I can get is details I need a day & time now! :0(. Thanks for looking for me. image
  • I've looked and it seems to be called 'The Tougest Race on Earth' but it's about the Marathon des Sables which is over 6 days rather than 6 marathons in 6 days.

    I don't know when it's on though - I also looked on the TV guide under 'six', '6'  and 'marathon' but nothing showed up.

  • I've got Sky and its on an obscure channel called dmax at 10pm tonight

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