Just a polite hello.


As title says, just a little hello...nice to introduce myself before I join in on any threads.

I started running (jogging)...well jogging then stopping and jogging again last week just to see if I could jog any distance at all. I stopped after 1.7 miles the first time.  I think a like minded community could do my efforts the world of good.

I jog about 2.2 miles. Where I am is very hilly so I have yet to average 12 minute miles. I'm resting today because I'm quite sore but I hope to have a 12 minute mile over 2.2 (random distance but thats just my route atm).

I'm currently hauling 18 stone so hopefully as time progresses, that will drop helping me get faster.

As mentioned above, rest today and tomorrow and then start a measured effort on friday...


  • good luck ashley,

  • Well done and welcome to the world of running.

    Do not get too involved in running distances at this stage. Concentrate on the time your out jogging, 20 - 25 mins twice a week then a slightly longer run 25 - 30 mins on a weekend will get you started.

    After 25 years of running I know you will  find that sometimes no matter what you do the run will be simply crap then another other day you will feel on top of the world. Do not get downhearted on the bad days!

  • Welcome. You're doing well.

  • Well done Ashley your going to love running image
  • Well done Ashley . I was that weight this time last year but have now lits 2.5st . Now I need to get out running again but I can only manage 15 min miles just now . 

  • hello.......and enjoy image

  • Your post made me think of the first time I was out - new year's resolution. I was NOT going to be seen in daylight so out I went in the early hours and managed... well, maybe 10 minutes before I thought I was going to pass out! Next day I was so sore I could hardly get up the stairs...

    Today I live in a very hilly area in Switzerland and I enjoy the ups and downs... I've lost a good amount of weight and running keeps me sane.

    Keep at it! Download podcasts or listen to nature... run, walk, whatever... just get out there and enjoy yourself. You are doing a great thing! 

  • Just a quick update to this. Thanks to everyone that replied. I have been on and off running because I've got into biking alot. Either way, I have lost 35lb and today completed 5.11 miles in 45.45...mega chuffed. I started at 252lb and am now 217lb. Another 30lb to go.

    If there is anybody out there that is browsing and is questioning your will to carry on...KEEP GOING! You will feel amazing when you achieve your goals. My goals were first to run a local 2.2 mile route without stopping. I first did it with 12 minute miles. I ran 5.1 miles today with an average 8.59 minute mile. I feel great. I have had my ups and downs and binges on food but always remember...it is never too late to get back on track..NEVER and now is always the right time to start again

    Now for the selfish bit...some of you may have noticed the subtle hint for encouragement! I love it and peoples encouragement has kept me going when I feel crap... I'll leave the rest for someone else! ;-P

  • That really is great, well done for keeping at it and for encouraging others. The good days far outweigh the bad ones eh?


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