Abergele Harriers?

How competitive is this club?

I've told my OH if we moved house, he has to meet people and he's thinking of joining as he's started running more.  However, he's quite quiet and doesn't want to join anywhere cliquely or uber-competitive.  I know it's a bit of "go and see" but it never hurts to ask...


  • They run in the same area I do. Always seem like all abilities (ie I can beat some of them) they do run in the borders league
  • When I've been at races in and around the North West and North Wales I spoken to people wearing Abergele vest because I recognise them from the Borders League and always found them very friendly.

    The first Borders race this year (10k) had finishing times from 33:48 to 61:30 and Abergele runners finished between 36 to 57 minutes, so all abilities covered.

  • They put on a 5 mile race last year in Abergele and I found them to be a very friendly set up.

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