Does Running Help with Better Mental Health



  • Running is my salvation from depression. At my absolute depths, when I couldn't concentrate long enough or find the motivation to even get dressed or decide what  to wear, I found I could put running stuff on quite easily. No zips, didn't have to match etc.  It might take me an hour to get out of the door after that but a slow run cleared my head, and meant I had  shower afterwards. That got me dressed and going for the rest of the day. I ran every morning for 2 months when I was off work sick. 15 minutes to begin with then built up to 40 minutes. It was almost literally a life saver. I couldn't cycle because I couldn't concentrate long enough to manage the roads and I couldn't swim because I didn't have the energy to get as far as the pool. The simplicity of running was perfect. 

    Running is still my best therapy. I run at lunchtimes at work but lately its been hard to get out there with the cold weather, and I'm noticing it. Must run tommorow. Pace doesn't matter, time is what counts. 


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