Running in Yorkshire

Hi - I just wondered if anyone knew if there was a specific website or distribution list I can get on to get regular information on local 5k and 10k runs within Yorkshire? Thanks in advance


  • Which area of Yorkshire? There are loads of parkruns around for the 5ks, and it'll depend on the area for 10ks.

  • If you have a look at parkrun and ukresults you wont go far wrong.

  • For info best way to get local knowledge is to just be checky and take a look at a running club's calendar on there website. Where in Yorkshire through? If it's any good for south yorkshire there is a thread in the clubhouse on here called Sheffield social and there is also a thread on fetch for yorkshire runner's both might be good for tip off's or just to say hello.

  • That is great - thanks very much image

  • Roundhay parkrun - for a great saturday morning!

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