Indication of Speed

As per my other thread those that have read it know i am going to be doing a 10k in May.

I am running with my sister who has advised she is taking 5mins 57 seconds to run 1 kilometre.

I know it is difficult to tell but if i am now running 3.3 km in 30 minutes on Week 2 Day 1 am I doing ok for pace bearing in mind I have 5 months to train?

Just got no idea what speed I need to run at. in time once i get fitter we will be running together so I can gauge it then.


  • Just run most of your miles at a pace you can chat at. Once a week try a speed or interval session. I'd not worry about your race pace yet.
  • You have plenty of time, you will improve, take it easy and stick to a schedual , most people go to fast in training. hope you do well.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why not go to a parkrun every few weeks and have a good blast over 5k. That should give you a good idea of pace and how you are improving over time. As said earlier do most if your training at an easy pace to build up the endurance.
  • hi Millsy1977, i cant run that far yet, i am only running wk2 d2 so doing like 2mins max at a time. I have found a programe called Gmap and that seems to work out pace per kilometer, Hopefully that will give me an idea in a couple of weeks of where i need to be. Not sure though if 5.57 is quick or not though over 10km.

  • thanks seth, i am doing ok not out of breath when i get after the exercise, at least not yet lol.

  • Hi John, there's some very good advice above, and as also said you'll get faster as the months go by.

    A 56minute 10k will put you about the middle of the results table, and finishing with the bulk of other runners. Why not take a look at the results from last years event?
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