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Morning People,

Just wondering if anyone could offer any help or advice, I have trained on and off for about 20 years, I have boxed at semi pro level, MMA and also done quite a bit of running during my training years.

About 12 months ago I went out running and after about 2-3 miles I started with pins and needles in my right foot, As I continued my foot started going numb then it actually went numb, After stopping, Taking my shoe off and rubbing my foot for a few minutes its fine, Until the next 2-3 mile, Not a clue why this started but it is so annoying, 

Just wondered if anybody has or had experienced this and what they have done to rectify it.

I have tried different socks, compression socks, Loosening my laces etc

Thanks guys



  • Hi Luke,

    It's not happened to me... but I did a bit of research some months ago. If you type in 'pins and needles'  or 'pins & needles'  in the search box of this forum, you'll find dozens of threads, going back a decade.  Mostly talking of P&N in a foot/feet   and very often after 2-3 miles !  So you certainly are not alone.

    I think most suggest problems with shoes... often laces that are too tight - which you've covered.  Others talk of minor medical issues, hydration, trapped nerve etc... but I gather it's rarely anything serious.

    If you spend half an hour looking at those threads, you might find some experiences that match your own.  Good luck with it.

  • Thanks for the kind response,

    Will check this out today.

    Its annoying more than anything, Especially when Im out running with the wife and have to stop!!image


    Thanks again

  • Luke I have had this for years with exactly the same symptoms. I have tried everything different socks, shoes, longer warm-ups everything but its still there!!.

    I even went to the doctors who advised trying Nike's instead of Asics suffice to say I dont use that Doctor anymore!.

    The way I combat it is basically ignore it and just carry on running through it. It used to start in right foot at about 20 minutes then transfer to left foot at about 30 minutes but now I only really get it in right foot. 

    I've read all the other threads and they all talk of different things such as trapped nerve or plantair facititis or whatever it's called but its not bothered me long term for   at least five years of running. 

    Just press on dont stop as I find you forget about it quite quickly!!


    Good luck image

  • Keggi

    Thanks for that pal, I think your right mate

    Ill just crack on, Do you find if you carry on it goes away toward the end of your run? Or is it still their?



  • I find it goes away after a mile or so but if on a long run it may come back a bit later. As I said though I just ignore it and it doesnt even bother me anymore. Actually last night I did 7 mile and at about 4 mile I noticed it starting so I used that as a signal to step up the pace abit and it soon went.

    Strangely I actually quite like it as when I do notice it has started it gives you something to think about for a bit!!!


  • That happened to me when I first started running long distances.  My left foot would get "pins and needles" and then go completely numb.  It was really annoying and I tried a bunch of different things but it eventually went away after I kept training.  I didn't really do anything different, so maybe it will go away for you as well!

  • Morning people,

    Just to give you an update, I bought some new trainers yesterday, "Brooks"

    They are quite a wide fit and was advised at the Sweat Shop to try and go a size bigger.

    After trying them on and feeling very comfy I had a lttle test on the treadmill, Again felt fine

    Went out and did a cheeky 5 miles this morning and Hey Presto, No pins and needled, No numb foot!

    It made a nice change to actually enjoy my run without having to stop and rub my foot

    Thanks again for the replies, Onwards and upwards now, Looking forward to the Madrid Half



  • Sounds as though you may have found the cause.  I think it may be Mortons Neuroma you felt which is a trapped nerve between the toes, ball of the foot area.  Generally I believe it is fixed by sorting out the shoes or using orthotics or just the right exercises.

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