Worcester Marathon 2013

I'm thinking about entering this marathon , did anyone from here run it last year and if so what should I expect .....is it hilly, is it flat, would you compare it to Stratford ?

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  • Hi Nifty, I ran both last year (though a hurricane reduced stratford to a half).I have ran Stratford a couple of times and it is a bigger more established race.However,this was the first Worcester marathon and I enjoyed it (have entered both again this year) Stratford is a two lap affair,it has some roads,a hill or two and two long flattish stretches along the greenway.the finish is fantastic at Stratford and with the exception of last year usually it is very warm. The Worcester route was more scenic and a bit hillier,but neither are terrible.If it was your first I would run Stratford,both are good events.

  • Hi Rings, I've done both the half and full at Stratford and really enjoyed them both.

    I've done a few others and would of entered the Stratford marathon this year but have a few things going on at the same time so my 2nd choice is the Worcester marathon which is a couple of weeks earlier.....not too keen on hills tho!

    Definitely not a pb course then.
  • Hi Nifty, I have enjoyed both. I still found Worcester a quick course. I think I was about 3.45 quicker than stratty ( thought I was mo Farrah on last two stratty fulls got bashed late on by the wall) Don't enter langdale in September then! Worcester is good choice
  • Cheers Ringo image will decide by the weekend!

  • ran worcester half last year, i think it is pretty flat and fast. I havent done stratford though.

  • Cheers njordhrsdeath, i've chickened out and will be entering the half, savingmyself for the Dublin marathon later on in the year.

  • Hi Nifty,  I ran the half at Worcestrer last year and found the course to be fairly flat bar one or two bumps and in places quite fast so deceded to enter the full this year its the first full marathon for me since the London in 1999 I am planning another the Welsh in Tenby in July then the biggy in October the Snowdonia Marathon. Good luck with your run its a briiliant course and your do well.

  • Doing the half and looking forward to it, less than 2 weeks to go, first road race of the year

  • Doing full Marathon again this year. Hoping for nice dry, cool day.

    Good to see that they are providing free parking passes for runners in order to avoid the fiasco of last year! Any of you out there can still enter right now, even with only 10 days to go. Did rough count-up - about 230 entrants at last count.

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    I did the half last year, my recollection is that the first 3 miles are very flat then you hit a quite lively hill. I recall there being 3 quite big hills and the rest of it undulating. However, just as the legs are stuggling at just after 11 miles and the pace drops off it becomes downhill. I reduced my average min/mile by about 5 seconds in the last 2 miles, when usually i would lose 2/3 seconds, and got what was a pb at the time.

  • I did the full Worcester this year... a FAB event.


    Organisers took real care over individuals, and went out of their way to make my day work for me.  They also had a  minute's clapping for a missing comrade which summed up the day.  For runners, by runners.


    I did the full too and thought it was a great race, loved the courseimage

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