Edinburgh Marathon places - Tranfers please

Hi there,

As you can see from my picture, I ran the marathon last year (I am making the silly face). We ran for MacMillan, the leading sponsor for the Marathon. We (my sister beside me) managed to raise over 1000 pounds and we were really happy.

This year we decided to run for a charity that is not associated with the marathon. We want to run for Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C). This is a newly formed charity (you may have seen it on Channel 4 (UK)) and we again raised over 1000 pounds during collections at my Dad and my Nans funerals last year.

SU2C tries to find cures for cancer, they have put together a crack team of scientists to target specific therapies that will stop the cancer before it develops. Last year MacMillan was supporting my Dad, this year we want to STOP cancer taking anyone else.

If you have a place in the Edinburgh Marathon and want to transfer please please please let me know. I will pay all the fees (if you are feeling generous, waive them (or some of them) and I will donate the money to SU2C via our page) so don't worry about the financials.

If you want you can share our picture for 2x2x2x2. This is our slogan, 2 people (My sister and I), will run 2 marathons (hopefully Edinburgh and Hamburg), in 2 countries (Scotland and Germany), in 2 Months. You can put it on your facebook page, we have differnt pictures for your cover photo and your picture profile. Get in touch if you want one.

Hope to hear from some one soon and if anyone else wants to try 2x2x2x2, please get in touch.

Kind Regards

Samuel Waldron

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